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disciplining a todler

Disciplining A Toddler

By – Pleasure Chizoba Discipline in my opinion is simply a daily compulsory practice. Ask any parent, at some point they must have felt complete and utter love for their toddler and at the same time, frustration and anger. We do have little ones around usa niece or nephew or …

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Need to Know Facts About Monkey Pox

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Hey lovely readers, I cant begin to describe my previous week or the wacky weekend I had; (I dont know though, it seems crazy is the new black these days) and now, my mind seems to be doing the one corner dance more often. So …

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Who We Are

By – Odey Emmanuel Who we are is a reflection of what we write. Our writings are a reflection of us. There are the mirror of what and who we truly are. Our writings are a sort of shadow and an imprint that speaks for us when our presence is …

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Lifes Scale Of Preference

By – Jamylah Yusuf There is too many talk on how to be productive and achieve maximum output for one’s input be it in school or at work. Ability to multitask efficiently, meet dead lines exceptionally and live a busy work life or school life generally are celebrated qualities. Of …

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Relationship Tips For Brides-to-be

By – Joyce Paulsen Alrightits almost count down to my BIG day and with each passing day, I have come to learn and appreciate a lot about relationships, especially with the male folks. My relationship have gone through varied experiences: inspiring, challenging, adventurous and lots more. There were days I …

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Be Yourself

By – Richard Dappa It was about 6pm and Jide knew she would be passing through the square soon, so he wore a shirt and he was off. He got there by 6:30 and sat in the middle of the square. About 10 minutes later, a group of fair maidens …

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Planning Through School

By – Kayode Ipadeola On a dig deep down ambition lane.I’ve come to realize that thorough planning and cheer consistency is the key towards fulfilling a balanced school life. During my school days, the mistake most of my mates and I made was as a result of an uncivil thinking. …

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By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Entrepreneurship; Filling the Gaps with Odior C. Yole Odior C Yole -CEO of CY Santa Services, a graduate of Delta State University and creator of CV GO is a young man with several missions, a self made tech guru and one of Nigerias fast rising …

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Never Ending Task

By – Richard Dappa Good day everyone, hope this meets well. This message may look like it is for the men alone but I think everyone has to look into this subject matter. We want to talk about what I call the never ending task of men on earth. I …

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work-life balance

Work-Life Balance

By – Pleasure Chizoba The act of balancing opens us to renewal of energy. More often than not, we are so immersed in activities that are challenging as well as demanding. This makes us fail to strike a balance in life. As adults with endless priorities, it’s safe to say …

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Striking A Financial Balance

By – Crystal Chinonye Life is all about creating a balance in all we do, not just any type of balance, but a healthy one. We all tend towards that balance in all aspects of our lives without even recognizing it. From the career choice we make, the food we …

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Royalty-free 3d law clipart graphic picture of brass scales of justice off balance, symbolizing injustice, over white.

The Balancing Act

By – Joyce Paulsen As a young and vibrant lady, I have been able to outline my values over time. I value Knowledge, Relationship, Order, Health and fitness, etc but one of my highly held value is BALANCE. As a matter of fact, I strive for balance. I don’t want …

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The State Of Harmony

By – Odey Emmanuel It is the bridge that closes the overwhelming pores that our ties to necessity created. It is the tree that provides shade when the weather becomes unfriendly; the tinted glasses that allows us dare the scorching sun. It is the forgiveness one gets when the tides …

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