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Chapter 11; Hello Sweet November

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh Hello guys, happy new month. And we are here, only one month away from wrapping up the year 2017, I know it feels surreal. I have been in a reflective mood for the past three weeks asking myself where the days went as well. How …

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Rebuilding Trust

By – Kayode Ipadeola This week I thought we cheap in something knew. After all murdering of thoughts, I finally got a spec I believe would be of help to us all. Rebuilding Trust Despite the assertions of some great scholars that broken trust cannot be repaired, I stand boldly …

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The Weird Kind of Beautiful

By – Uchechi Iroakazi We all have what wows us and tick us off in people we meet every day. What you may consider attractive and cool, may totally disgust someone else. If this is so, what then are the criteria for rating beauty? Could it be long legs, thin …

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Inspiring Creativity in Children

By – Pleasure Chizoba Every child has a bundle of possibilities. The extent to which his/her creative potential is explored is largely dependent on the parent or guardian. One of the best ways to help the development of a young mind is to encourage creative thought. Naturally, children are adventurous; …

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Divorced Woman = Failed Woman?

By – Jamylah Yusuf Why is a divorce always the woman’s fault? Why is she the one that keeps hearing ‘you didn’t respect him enough’; ‘you couldn’t save your home’ and all sort of comments best fit for the trash bin. One of my favourite authors once wrote ” a …

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My Thoughts On Personal Branding

By – Joyce Paulsen The whole concept of branding has been popularized in this generation. Theres so much talk and teaching on branding. Everyone is thinking branding; businesses and individuals alike. As a matter of fact, branding has become a career path for many who are passionate about making people …

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Girlfriends And Salary

By – Crystal Chinonye Two weeks ago, a friend of mine was discussing with his ex and somehow he brought up the issue of the circumstances surrounding the process he went through to purchase his first car. In the course of the story, his ex who was his girlfiend then …

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A Stitch in Time

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh At some point in my life, I had what you might call an awakening and I became conscious of lifes decisions. I made a sweeping declaration to make a difference once I kick-start my professional career. So you can say I had those self motivated …

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The War Is Over

By – Odey Emmanuel It is time we tell ourselves the truth and accept the reality that just like a man and his shadow we as Nigerians were all meant to live together, that we were all meant to stay in bond and togetherness and we must recognize that like …

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Colnel Sanders: The Untold Story

By – Richard Dappa Hello guys, how are you doing? So today I want to tell you something I think you already know but before that lets have a little story. It sounds unreal but it is true, this is the story of Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders lived in Kentucky, …

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Finish Strong

By – Crystal Chinonye I began this year just like most of us, with lots of resolutions. I will do this, mi will do that, I will achieve this, I will achieve that. I started very strong just like most of us still, but along the line, I lost the …

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By – Kayode Ipadeola Do you know of anyone who doesn’t have a shadow? (Five fingers up) I do. I do know of about 1.5 billion people who owns no shadow. I would gladly mention few of them along the lines but wouldn’t reveal their names for security reasons. Of …

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Eat Your Way To Good Health

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh Ive been feeling so betrayed by my body lately. So heres the gist; since last month, Ive been having on and off symptoms of malaria (or whatever disease ails me). I have not had a proper test done, but I have been consistently plagued by …

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