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Passion Is Not Enough

By – Peter Lois I have never forgotten this life lesson i learned from a bully named Ngozika. A brawl ensued in school between my class (SS2) and a senior class (SS3). Ordinarily by the schools rule and regulation, we were/are to respect our seniors. But that particular period, we …

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An Infographic Of Useful Tips For All Types Of Learners

We’re all different types of learners. Some of us prefer to learn visually, while others prefer to write information down.  Some of us use a combination of both. However you think you learn best, Design Taxi have put together some wonderful tidbits of information to help you most effectively learn. Enjoy! …

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african soups

Anambra Cuisine: For The Love Of Ofe Akwu…

Igbo Kwenu! Anambra Kwezuonu oo. Yes! its time we talked about culture. Having lived in Lagos for a while now and being from Anambra state, I remember the feeling I got when I lay my hands on deliciously prepared ofe akwu stew and Nostalgia hit me…Growing up has sure been …

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6 Tips On Choosing Your PH.D Supervisor

Getting a Ph.D is like the utopia of an educational enthusiast and while this process/stage is arguably the hardest stage of the educational journey. We’ve got a few tips that will help you scale through the supervisor’s stage. 1. Ensure That Your Supervisor Are Experienced Ensure that at least one …

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Keeping In Touch Over The Holidays

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh Hello efikoites, the holidays are upon us, yaaaaaaayyy!!! We have been looking forward to this time right from the beginning of the semester. You have probably planned to make appropriate use of this holiday to do all of the fun stuff that is on your …

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Degree Of Persistence

By – Peter Lois In life, nothing is birth without process! The pregnant woman goes through a process of gestation for nine months. A child goes through different growth processes till maturity. The trees and virtually every other thing accordingly. And if this is certainly true, hence the need for …

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Tech Review: IPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a fusion of the best features of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 generations of devices, as Apple’s tech team took the size and design of one and the latest specs and capabilities of the other to make this state of the art 4-inch smartphone named, iPhone …

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Key Steps in Staying Motivated

According to the bible the end of something is way better than the beginning and that’s because it’s how much you can hold on to something worthwhile that truly accounts and not how you started. So how do you stay motivated and dedicated to a project in the midst of …

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By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Hello efikos, it’s another beautiful week and I trust you all are doing great. Sometime this week during a visit to a friend’s office, I stumbled on a discussion (more like a debate) one of the discussants, a smallish brisk lady, actually quite opinionated, seemed …

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Inner Peace; Let Go Of The Baggage

The past always calls..always. It’s never where you think you left it. But then again we don’t have to answer because it really has nothing new to say…. That being said, you don’t know just how much baggage you carry around until you come across your ex who broke your …

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