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The Fruits of Diligence

By – Odey Emmanuel In the history of the world, few people are more highly regarded than Leonardo da Vinci and for good reasons. The man was way ahead of his time, preempting the future with his undeniable genius that straddled several disciplines including medicine, architecture, engineering and painting. da …

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Dealing With Disorders

By – Kayode Ipadeola When I was told to write something on mental health, I felt lost in my head, it was as if my mind was read. I’d wanted to prepare something on such initially for this week. So it’s all was just a coincidence. Let’s talk on the …

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By – Jamylah Yusuf Hello Everyone. I would love to start with this beautiful quote on narcissism   Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm, but the harm [that they cause] does not …

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The Many Faces Of Depression

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh DEPRESSION: A state of mind producing serious long term lowering of enjoyment of life or the inability to visualize a happy future. A period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self inflicted injuries or suicide. …

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A Taste Of Nigeria

By – Suleiman Murkthar Being a Nigerian entails a lot of things, it is the uncanny knack of us being able to find humour in the dark and pride of the day. It is glaring in our religious temperaments, the way we worship on Sundays and Fridays. It is in …

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Nairabet , The New Religion ?

By – Odey Emmanuel It is pertinent to bring to the fore the skyrocketing pulls of force that has engulfed the gambling or betting houses known with several distinvtive names as Nairabet, Naijabet, Saharanet, etcetera . It has become so ubiquitous, so much of a tradition nowadays youths especially the …

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Novel – Ember

By – Jamylah Yusuf Hello Everyone, Happy New Month to you all. How time flies right? . It seems like January was only yesterday and boom!, November is here already. The past few 10 months must have been eventful for some people while for some other people, It feels like …

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Good Pruning

By – Kayode Ipadeola I’m sure you all might be wondering why I’ve decided to write on such theme at this period when the country wishes to read something more hope-bringing. Yes. We all sure needs something hopeful and convincing but at the same time we shouldn’t ignore the fact …

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Lessons From October

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh Hello there, I think theres no better opportunity to thank you all, my loyal readers for the amazing support you have given me through your reads, comments, and social media messages since my debut with Myefiko. You guys have been simply amazing and you all …

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Upgrade Yourself

By – Uchechi Iroakazi Somebori has to end this year with significant encounters. Even if you didnt achieve most of the things you thought you would, there is still about sixty days till the year ends. You can still do something significant. I intend to make the most of these …

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Skins Dont Get Stained

By – Suleiman Murkthar I am my pain, the hurts and the troubles that I have come endure. My sufferings, my smiles and hurt. I am more than my reflection, more than what I see when the shadow creeps to hide in the darkest of the night. When the monsters …

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Eleventh Hour Victory

By – Odey Emmanuel It is true we are edging close to the end of the year and many of us may not have yet accomplished what we had earlier planned or negotiated with God. We must however bring to mind the reality that some times, some miracles are better …

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