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My Funny Experience

By – Joyce Paulsen Hey guys, it feels so good to contribute to your day. I feel so elated each time I have to pen down my thoughts to educate, inform or entertain you. Today, I choose to entertain you by sharing one of my funny experiences with you. I …

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All For The Highs; Part 1

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh It was yet another peer session, as Ibrahim watched raptly, the peer educator and the reactions of the peer group members. Ibrahim’s civil society organization had begun the drug users counselling session: a behaviour change programme with the objective of educating drug users and rehabilitating …

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The Power OF Synergy

By – Pleasure Chizoba Synergy is one of the most important concepts in productivity and personal development. Synergy is generally considered to be two or more people working together to achieve more than they could alone. No wonder the scripture says to us “And though a man might prevail against …

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exam success

Listen And Read Your Way To Exam Success

By – Crystal Chinonye Examination period, no doubt, is a time when students, both academic and non-academic students focus on reading their books so that they can pass their exams. At such moments, even those who have never been to class, try their best to borrow notes and keep late …

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I Dare You To Stretch

By – Uchechi Irokazi Your DNA is imprinted with success. You can expand your horizon. You can be much more. There is no limit to how far you can go, or how much you can achieve. The sky is not your limit. It’s your starting point. When i was two, …

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Education Authority Is Nothing

By – Kayode Ipadeola Thelma’s father just wouldn’t stop raking. Bro Josh wasn’t going to take matters lightly with him either. Our church premises had all of a sudden become a battle ground. 30 minutes earlier… Just as the routine tithe and offering had been collected, Sis Daramola mounted the …

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On Assuming Olodo Status

By – Lois Peters Just this week, I read an email from my boss, Emeka Nobis, with the above heading. Saying that I was thrilled by the title, is saying too little. For I’ve been an ardent follower of Emeka Nobis for quite some years now and I grew fond …

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Heavenly Conscious, Earthly Misfit

By – Crystal Chinonye Back then in my first year into the university, just on my second day at my tutorial centre, a student who doubled as an evangelist came to preach and as was expected of freshers, we gave her listening ears as she gave out tips on how …

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Conviction Not Emotion

By – Crystal Chinonye “I love you from the depth of my heart” “I can’t do without you, life is meaningless without you”… says who? Sometimes, a simple negligible mistake will expose the total vagueness and emptiness of those words. I want us to realise the difference between conviction and …

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break from prison

Break Out From Limiting Mindsets

By – Uchechi Iroakazi If you don’t want trouble, don’t call the name “snake” at night. Never look into the mirror at night. Don’t you dare whistle at night,else you will awaken your ancestors. Never climb an udara( agbalumo) tree,wicked spirits have their gathering there. These admist other superstitious beliefs …

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How To Determine Your Worth

By – Joyce Paulsen Copper wee…waa, wee wee wee…waa waa waa. That was the greeting style for corp members while at the NYSC orientation camp. On the day of departure after the 3 weeks rigorous training, our minds were filled with the question, ‘where will I be posted to?’  Some …

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Do You Live With Your Parents?

By – Linda Ibeh Phewwwwwww! I hope I don’t rub off on people wrongly with this. *thinking* do I really care?I think not Ok! Living with parents. yay or nay? A few days back I was watching a video on youtube of one of the ladies whose channels I subscribe …

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Since The Issue

By – Kayode Ipadeola LISTEN Since the issue of power supply had gone worst, decided to take a stroll out to get my gadgets charged up somewhere. Sincerely speaking, my real intention was just to get my stuffs boosted, but my real intention wandered waywardly soon enough. The only place …

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