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The Wind Of Gratitude And Yuletide

By – Emmanuel Odey


The drums are rolling out and the music is in the air. The trees and the grasses seem to be utterly conscious of what is upon them. The way they are swaying to the rhythm of the wind is somewhat unusual. Something seems to be happening in the other end that defies the understanding of the ordinary eyes. Even the sun seems to sparkle a little more than it usually does. There seem to be this fine aura in the atmosphere, one that has constantly in recent time dong the bells of what is underway. The cars and the movement of people seem to be in a rather brim-like way these days. There has to be something causing this mad rush, not to mention the armada-like surge of people galloping up and down the street.

This whoosh-whoosh sound of movement of people on the street is just one breathtaking picture that breaths excitement.

The goats, the fowls, the lizards, the pigs and every living creature all seem to have become rare in recent times. Even the flies that perch every now and then as soon as the sun saunters and wanders out in the cloud all seem to have taken shelter. Maybe they have heard the chants of war against them or maybe they have taken self caution seeing that these drums seem to sing out at similar times every year and their beloved kind and brethren go missing especially when august scenarios like this take center stage.

However, while the animals and birds lament on what is sure to befall them; an inevitable event that have come to get them scourged and have them cut-down on their miniature numbers, children can be seen playing around their homes especially the boys, while the little girls stay gripped to their mothers bosom as the preparation for Christmas hair-making intensifies. The ladies are never left out on these sorts of showbiz and merrymaking.

A gape at any mall or boutique would account for ladies with sumptuous clothes, shoes and bags and what seems to be a rare kind of hairstyle – some crazy, and the others in their usual mimicry modest with catholic and varying colors round and about.

With the weight of excitement and splendor of overwhelming laughter hovering all over the place, one is tempted to think no one has ever suffered any dirge or pain in the past or even in the present.

The expectation of what is to come has since vanquished the sign of any pain and have had it replaced with what seems like joy in the morning and happiness that endures through the night like the kind and lasting gaze of the moon on the earth on special evenings.

Like the virtuous virtuoso fingers of Ludwig Van Beethoven whose music has left a lasting imprint in the world, so is the soul gripping manner the songs in the air have created; a seeming indelible aura of holler and merriment that has gotten everybody dancing and basking in the once-in-a-year buzz and revelry.

Christmas is here again and it is end of the year, the time to give thanks to your maker, family and friends for being there for you through the thick and thin of life, through the rough edges and the smooth paths. Regardless of what may have gone down the river, be grateful for life and the privilege of breathe, not everybody made the race this far. Always look back on the past with thanks and a grateful heart and look forward to the future with hope, expectation and gratitude.

No event in the world comes with half as much anticipation and excitement as it does. It is that singular event that has people travelling across borders, cities and villages. It was so well situated from the dawn of time so much it comes at the end of every year hence, it suits so well with people who have planned a big end of the year party, those who plan travelling to see their loved ones in their country homes and those coming over to the city, those travelling overseas etcetera. Amidst all these zealous activities and odyssey of vicissitude, I urge that you lend a helping hand to that neighbor and friend who may not have as much to celebrate with. In the end, it takes two to tango and make merry.

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  1. Impressive one Odey. The way you sew words is jus amazing

  2. You are just awesome

  3. Odey you the Achebe of modern day prose

  4. The muses that possess you when you put pen yo paper is just extraordinary

  5. This is certainly your magnum Opus. Man you are blessed

  6. Awesome “it takes two to tango and make merry”.

  7. Wise words from my word smith.

  8. You are one writer with a difference

  9. the man with poetry flowing all over

  10. You are the definition of good and creative writing

  11. the wisdom In ur belle will never cease

  12. Coming from you, it would always be a good piece

  13. My brother your dreams will not elude you. You just awesome

  14. Gratitude is the ladder that catapults you to your altitude in life

  15. When the wise writes , you know it is the wise. This is your signature man.

  16. chukwu Chima bright

    Fascinating man…More knowledge

  17. Impressing man…Keep on d gud work

  18. Nice choice of words….

  19. Ya a bunch of brain….

  20. Weldon bro…More grace

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