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By – Odey Emmanuel


Determination is the vehicle that drives people to destinations their feet would not take them. It is the architect that builds houses on water. A heart that seem eager to fly when everyone wants to crawl. It is the heart that sees success when every one sees doom and colossal failure. Determination can be akin to a baby with a burning desire to walk while his age and peer still finds sleeping-comfort in the grip of their mother’s breast. It is the night-watch that refused to wink an eye so that the temporal deceit of the night does not take away the many happiness and joy of the morning. It is the promise of a son to his father that the failed years past will only remain as lessons to his folly that he is yet to meet, a teacher to his foolish choices and a light that would guide his path when the world would rain darkness on him. It is the eye that is bent on seeing through thick fogs and strain when the comfort of hesitation calls. Okoro almost gave up on life because death snatched his only surviving parent away from him at an age when he was only but a boy. He has since refused to lie back in tears and let life toss him up and down in its peculiarly mild torture and torment. He rose from his bed one day dusted off his feet and shook off the shackles that had held him captive for as long as his memory can relate. He walked out of his room and never found the reason to turn around. Okoro ran into different people while on his voyage to meeting with the other side of life that promises enduring bliss and glee. He was a dream chaser. Every now and then the overwhelming possibilities of failure will come knocking but Okoro seem to either ignore them or get busy with something even as life plot to prey on his weakness. They come in shape of men and women, in shape of friends and families but Okoro was resilient, his resolve cannot be faultered he would say to himself only in the manner his ears alone could hear. While in the city, far away from the eyes of people who knew him he would press and toil day and night, he may not eat but this does not deter him from pushing hard. He knew he was alone in the world with no one to run to for anything that would remind him of the vacuum the death of his father had created. And so he kept pushing until the sun decided it was time to shine bright on his path. Okoro never gave up on life, he had his mind fixed on what he wanted and he stayed awake till his dream became real and stared at him in the face. Okoro is that student who refused to sleep because his mates are sleeping, that soldier who has pledged to defend with valor when others chicken away. Okoro could be you and I. Napoleon Hill said” whatever the heart of a man can conceive, it can achieve”

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