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Where The Sun Shines

By – Sulieman Murkthar


There’s nothing normal about your everyday. The sun may rise from the south and goes off in the east. Its almost as though the heavens, the trees and most times even the sun was out to get you. Your sun was hot, it didn’t come with any of all the shades of subtlety, no, it comes voraciously, climbing above your head with no ease or feel of contempt as to how you may or may not feel. The sun has your everyday planned with well meaning frustration it creeps in slow with delights and beau, but when its out and out full, you are damn straight sure of what it really plan and it was no good for you. The weather is so hot you could boil a rice in it and make akpu even amala and more heat to spare to have your clothes pressed, well pressed like the Akinola did it for your father, where those well nearly ironed lines pushes out, the ones you have some times tried to have on your clothes but, oh well, life never really liked you.

Lifes frustrating, everyday comes with its own thwarts and ramifications.

As if not to end there, the sun goes down and the night skies travel through, its filled with sweet nothingness, Bland and drab. There are no stars in the sky and there are no twinkles and sparkles like the sky of Voke or Mario, your skies are just dark and it looked empty, the blue streak of the skies is lost in this darkness and it just looks hollow like some kind of opaqueness of surreal bliss.

Then the wind comes, it slaps you in the face, and sweeps you off the ground trying to make you realize the cruelty of the existence of nature itself. Your mornings are full of raging storms that drives in beautiful sonorous pain. It throws in to the blithering cavenosity that emits from the greens and colors you envy. It throws you into the oblivion of your head, the never ending blankness that comes with the night skies, no show of alternate days.

Maybe there’s nothing good about the everyday and that the storm will never blow pass, maybe when the storm doth come, the roof is pulled out and you’re left bare, maybe life isn’t fair to you, maybe the sun will never rise in the east in your world and the wind will always be a streaked bane to your existence, but then you will realize along the line that everything is just semantics, that there’s nothing really easy about the east the sun rises from, and nothing poetic about the night starlight, that the sun is only blurry hot because the ozone layer is damaged. You realize that there’s really nothing normal about anything, that life itself is dysfunctional and that everyday is just another of never ending merry go rounds.

You don’t see it when you stare at the mirror, the promise of laughter and joy that oozes from your smile, the beauty of a better tomorrow that has been promised to go along that benign smile, you realize, you awaken to the dawn where you know that each tear and each pain was a lesson that revved you to the tomorrow of betterments that you are. You probably don’t look hard enough, you see your makeup and sometimes well stretched contours of foundation powder and Mary Kay lipsticks, you see the facade of the lines you have drawn yourself with the strokes of makeup pen that some hackneyed model of no meat of demonstrated to you and you loose touch of what is pertinent of what really matters of the truth that soars through your smiles that you are beautiful and you are amazing, and that’s all you should see when you see your face in its own gorgeous reflection…

Be happy for you, cos you owe yourself that much of happiness and that even when it rains, the sun only shines when you give it the will to shine, the storm is only as strong as you have fed it.

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  1. The weather is literally so hot right now I could boil corn with it. Lol
    Lovely piece Muktar. Keep it up

  2. Food for thought, well penned Mukhtar

  3. The write up is very precise.. I like it

  4. Wow… Nice piece CFM.. It’s amazing how you try to paint the pictures of your words in the mind of the readers… Good

  5. We have to find our own happiness in this world

  6. This is really revealing keep it up

  7. And the storm is only as strong as we feed… Strong words…

  8. I will rather wake up to nothing else, its a good way to start your day

  9. The thing I love about your write ups is that. It engages me in this part of my life that I rarely visit.

  10. There is this way ur mixture of words keeps my eyes in every line and its by far some of the most revealing things I have read

  11. One and only poetic author. Speaker etc. Lol I loved every bit of this

  12. How I have missed you… Please do message me on WhatsApp I need you word expertise on some thing

  13. I always like ur word combo. Like say na noob saibot brutality. Hahahaha

  14. I have read this like three times already. I can’t wait for your first novel ooo Oga, do sharp sharp make we for come make u marry us

  15. This is quite involving

  16. The big man with big words, captain ambiguous. Well don sah… Abeg do am jejely sah. Keep giving us something light sah

  17. You really should get out there and share that big head of urs with the world fa

  18. The wind comes and slaps you in the face and sweeps you off your feet” shey na Zaria harmattan u dey think of when u write this one hahahaha

  19. See, chimamanda doesn’t even know what is coming

  20. These are very good insights, keep up

  21. nicely penned down man

  22. Brilliant mind

  23. People have to learn how to control their happiness. I liked the ending more where you said the storm isbonly as strong as you feed it

  24. Mehn, this is the first of your piece ibhave read since you have been disturbing me to read, comment and share and I must confess it has been my loss not reading the previous once. Kudos bros

  25. This is nothing short of truth. We are the architect of our happiness

  26. Nothing could be far from the truth sir

  27. You always did write the thoughts of people. Keep it up

  28. Truly revealing

  29. I like how you always find ways to cook up craftly your words. The colors in them

  30. The truth isbthatbtru happiness lies with us, the earlier can come to terms with that fact, the better for us

  31. Strong words Sir

  32. Where the sun rises is in our hearts

  33. You dey always sabi put words to perspective. See youbtalk about happiness like say na Chimamanda book. Choi bros

  34. You are mouthful my bros

  35. The truest form of sun that shines is in our smiles

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