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When The Responsibilities Come

By – Suleiman Murkthar

I will remind us all of the Lord Lionel Robbins definition of Economics where he rightfully highlighted that the wants of humans are numerous and ever growing that the unavailability of these wants to be simultaneously satisfied is what makes the spring up concept of choice.
When we were young, prior to ages of owning up to most minimal of responsibilities when we were still toddlers in little man pants and oblivious to the idea of owning up to something, owning anything were just words that were attached to the menial aspects of toys are play things. The crown corks that we collected, the sticks and sand time plays, the rubber bands and ten ten. That was all there was to property owning. When we thought of responsibilities we thought of our plays and we wait for the sun to bring forth those colorful days. We didnt care how we ate or dressed.

However, as we grow we begin to learn how to be money oriented, how to be conscious of spending and also how to begin to spend wise. I was ten when I first started learning the art of responsibility, the concept of financial prowess began to the registered thoughts money keeping. My mother will stop giving me toys, instead she replaced them little allowances, the ten naira and the five naira. I remembered how angry I was, how furious it got to me that she will do that, that she will try to shy away from the responsibilities of her to my childhood to want to make me grow up so fast in so little time. But I had to adjust to the new found system, I will save up my allowance and lunch money if I wanted to buy the kind of toys my peers had, I will ask the carpenter in the next compound to make me a wooden safe where I can keep my money, and after a while I will have the money and get me toy. The sad part was that by the time I would have had the money to get this toy, it would have been out of vogue, something new was already trending the market, something more colorful, and my earnings would have seemed a waste.

It went on for some years, and I will one day begin to think of better ways to make money, hence I will sweep the compound and the then caretaker will hand me Twenty Naira. As such I had Forty Naira every day. It got a point I got to buy the toys even before my friends did. Their fathers and mothers had terms and conditions attached their getting a toy; they had to come first positions or get a 95% in their math scores, while they were trying adjust to the incentive driven rewards I was already a master at it, I had already known the trade of doing something for something.

And then I will become twelve and I will buy myself my first bicycle. I remembered the surge of joy in my mothers eyes when I handed her the five hundred naira that I wanted to buy a bicycle and that was my savings, my work and my hard earned money.

Back then as possible people grown up now will come to remember, to own a bicycle was something a prestige, among your peers and the girls, and the incentive to getting it from our parents then was more so to snatch the first or second position and my friends read hard and hard but they couldnt make it so. Once Akugbe will get close and take the third position but his father will tell him a deal was a deal and until he grew out of a bicycle only I could have worked and earned mine.

I know now that my Five Hundred Naira didnt buy the bicycle, but the idea that I could save up as a kid was worth prompted my parents to getting it. I hadnt passed the class exams and snatched a first position, rather I had passed the life exams and earned the bicycle. And that practical financial knowledge has guided since then, I have grown to learn how to exploit my environment and manipulate the odds I find to make the evenness of my needs and wants, to make money from the things that I have seen or dont see.


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