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Whats The Gain?

By – Joyce Paulsen

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Early hours of this morning, we were awoken by the cry of one of our room mates who have been sick. She was vomiting and was in serious pain. Oh goodness, it was pretty difficult to keep awake especially because of the stress I had gone through the previous day but for the sake of friendship and value, I kept awake and nursed her until the break of dawn. As soon as the day was bright enough, we hurriedly dressed up and rushed her to a nearby hospital for medical attention. While we were waiting for the doctor to attend to her, we decided to do a weight check on the hospital scale. I was the last person to check out of the five of us present at the hospital and to my utmost dismay, I weighed the highest. My weight has not reduced from what it used to be despite my daily workout routine and health disciplines. My friends immediately let out a big laugh, as if to mock me. One of them told me that all my jogging profited me nothing. All of a sudden, I forgot the reason that brought us to the hospital in the first place and started to feel discouraged. I quickly touched some part of my body and I could still feel the fat folds that have always been there. I thought about all the stress and discipline I get to do every other day so much so that I am sometimes being referred to be an apostle of healthy living. I was torn between two options: To continue or not to continue my workout program.

While I was ruminating on these thoughts, I began to ask myself what the true measure of physical fitness progress is. The scale? The comments of people? Having a good cloth fitting? Losing dress sizes? Feeling great and healthy? Or what? I discovered that sometimes our progress might not be obvious to the physical eyes or measured by obvious means. Progress begins inward and gradually begins to manifest on the outside. If a farmer judges too quickly, he might mistaken the lack of physical growth of his planted seed and might uproot it. Sometimes in life, we make hasty judgment and then we eventually give up. Just as a seed must first die before it can germinate, so also progress might not look like it immediately. I thought about the strength and stamina I have built overtime because of my consistent exercising, my mental alertness each time I start my day with exercise, I thought about the feeling of fulfillment when I am able to push myself to workout regardless of how I feel, I thought about the great relationships I have built at the gym house and a whole lot more and a sweet smile cut through my pretty face.

You see dear, sometimes in life, our progress might not be obvious to the general public, even to the people closest to us like our spouses, our besties and the like. Trust me when I tell you that they are not the true measure of success and progress. But then, let me ask you? What are your parameters for measuring progress? Some entrepreneurs have shut down their business because they had thought that making more money was the true measure of their business success. You will be limited and frustrated if you dont define your success parameters rightly. In business, it is called, Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

So, as I sat right there in the hospital, I asked myself: whats the gain in the giving up after all. There is more gain in continuing than in giving up. As a matter of fact, you lose out when you give up. Losers are quitters, they say. And with that, I wished for a new day to come so I could hit the road one more time with my jogging shoes.

My counsel to you today: Dont give up dear!

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