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What are you waiting for?

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

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Stepping out in the pursuit of your dreams can be a big deal. Especially when you dont know what to expect, its like relocating to a new city, you dont know your way around. In spite of the scare that comes with it, you have to take a leap of courage. Youll never know how big your dream can be, till you step out and live it.

Samuel Walton drove his wife to the super store to buy grocery and other house hold stuff. However, they couldnt buy all they needed from one store. Samuel drove to about three stores before they got all they needed. Angrily Sam said to his wife. Well isnt there a supermarket where you can buy everything you need? Mrs. Walton simply ignored him. That night, the day after, and the rest of the week, Samuel kept thinking of why supermarkets cant have all one needed. Then the big idea came. He could start his own superstore. Where anyone could buy anything they wanted, without going elsewhere. So he told his wife about it, then he took out the telephone directory, dialed his wifes friends and asked them the list of things they usually went to the supermarket to buy. He also asked his neighbours wife and most of the women he knew. He called his superstore Wal-Mart. Today, everything sells at Wal-Mart; whether its a loaf of bread or a car. More so, Wal-Mart is the worlds number one retail store.

Dont be afraid to reach for the top. Thats where you belong. No matter what your dream is, there is only one way to experience it; by living it! Yes, it can be scary to step out, do it afraid. Your dream will shock you, by the time you see how far it can take you. Every enterprise you see and admire today, started out as a thought, as a dream. But the founders had courage enough to build their dreams. You have something to contribute to the world, your dream can solve unemployment, it can transform lives, and it may even give people the courage to live out their own dreams. See, there is no perfect time to achieve anything. When you take a step forward, things will fall into place for you. The right time to flap your wings and fly is now.

Have a really great day.


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  1. Wow! this is so motivating, encourage & Spirit lifting… no time 2 wast i will start now. Thanks

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