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The Weird Kind of Beautiful

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


We all have what wows us and tick us off in people we meet every day. What you may consider attractive and cool, may totally disgust someone else. If this is so, what then are the criteria for rating beauty? Could it be long legs, thin waist, good character, fair skin, plumb body mass? Truth is, there is no perfect standard for judging physical beauty. If this is so, there is no need for inferiority complex. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

I browsed the net, asked around and finally came up with a list of weird attributes people consider beautiful. You are gonna be thrilled.

Loud laughers; I asked a guy what he found attractive in women or people in general. He said loud laughers. The kind that is contagious and slightly annoying.

Large foreheads; Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Most people are drawn to people with large foreheads.

Giant ears; people with antelope ears have admirers. Someone told me he likes ladies with giant ears, because it will aid them hold back strands of hair.

Body odour; Nawa oo! I was beyond shocked when a lady told me how she is swept off her feet by people with body odour. I asked why. She said odour is an expression of imperfection.

Pot-belly; one woman says she loves pot-belly, because it is a sign of good living.

Stretch marks; why most people frown at stretch marks, others adore them. To them, it is a fine work of art drawn on a perfect dermal canvas.

Distinct clavicles; clavicles are your collar bone. Most people are thrilled to meet people with glaring clavicles.

Disorganized folks; The kind of folks that leave piles of papers on their desk or piles of clothing on their bed. Not dirty, but disorganized. Not everyone is prim and proper after all.

Big noses; certain folks said they love people with big noses, because they stand out from the crowd.

Bald head; meeting people with no hair on their head is a magic moment for most peeps.

Broken teeth; Most people they admire people with broken teeth, because their imperfection is perfectly perfect when they smile.

Im sure youll find a lot more weird stuff that people attracted to. Honestly, there is no reason to detest how you look. Its ok to work out because you want to improve your looks or health. But never ever resent yourself. You are beautiful and amazing.

Have a great week beautiful!


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