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Walk Down That Road

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


Hello dear, how have you been?

You know eh, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is deciding to always improve. Choosing to be better than where you are currently. There is so much more to you, which is why you should give yourself the chance to grow. Always look beyond where you are. You can impact more lives, write a best seller, earn more money, be a better parent, and you can get a master degree. Whatever it is, there is always more to reach out to. Be an Oliver Twist

Allow me to discuss facebook for the time being. Mark and his team are super smart. Facebook have helped people connect to friends and even make new friends. You would have thought that with all this great achievement, Mark should have said

Well, Ive helped people connect and now Im super rich. I should call it quits, I have done enough.

He didnt. Instead, he and his team always think up better ways to maximize facebook. Now you can stream in live, update your status and do so much more. That is an example of growth. To keep something alive, it has to grow, advance and improve. And that is what facebook has shown to us all.

I know you have a knack for success, if not you wouldnt be reading this article. There is more you can be and do. There is something you can do to take your life to a new level. One of the first things to do is to identify the area of your life you want to improve. Then take workable steps towards realizing that. Sometime ago, I didnt like that I came off to people as shy, unreceptive and cold. Deep down I knew I wanted to be a people person. So I became intentional about building relationships with people. It was not magical oo. This took time, but I pressed on. Truth is nobody goes far in life without people, I knew I needed people. Usually, I easily got tired during long conversations, I preferred small talks. But I worked on genuinely caring about people. That helped me learn to enjoy long conversations. Trust me, today I enjoy meeting people. I even enjoy hugs now.

Choose to prioritize your growth. Trust me if you water your pasture it will remain evergreen. Keep soaring dear.


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