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Walk Away From Toxic Relationships

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


Relationships are by far the one of the most amazing things on earth. Imagine what the world will look like without people to talk, have fun, grow, and build with. It would be an absolute torture. People are important, nobody goes far alone. Plus we were created with a knack to interact with one another. However, not all relationships are good for us. We ought to protect our peace by walking away from toxic relationships.

A toxic relationship consistently drains you of your energy, peace of mind and joy. Separating from someone you have know for a long while can be painful and hard, but if the relationship is more harmful than it is a blessing, then you have to walk away. Dont get this twisted, every relationship has its ups and downs, which is normal and things, get sorted out eventually. But with toxic relationships, nothing gets sorted out; they consistently drain you of energy and inner peace.

I had a friend once, in secondary school who I didnt realize was toxic to me, until I constructively weighed things. We were in the same class, so we offered the same subjects. She was self-absorbed, envious, manipulative, always played the victim and she gossiped a lot. She was a lot to deal with (in retrospect, I cant remember what made me stick with her for so long.) Every time we had to study for a test, she would complain of headaches, so instead of studying I would walk her to the sick bay and baby sit her till she feels all right. My grades suffered. I grew tired of her. I knew she if I needed to improve my grades again, I would have to walk away from that friendship. It was making me worse. One day, I had a talk with her, and explained why I had to call it quits. My life and grades improved so much after then.

You have the rights to walk away from anyone that is causing your life to down spiral. You didnt come to earth to endure a bad relationship. You deserve the best, that is why you must be vigilant of whom you allow into your life. No relationship leaves you the same; it is either it makes you better or drags you in the mud. So you have to choose wisely. It may be hard, but take the bold step of quitting relationships that pose harm to your emotional, mental, and physical well being.


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