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Vision Boarding

By – Peters Lois


As a young girl with aspiration and dreams, I made one silly mistake that had the potency of cutting short my dreams and making me revolve around a particular point for too long. But thank God, I was able to break the jinx and straddle now, more efficiently, towards my destiny. How? I came in contact with a mentor that changed my mind and redirected me to what I might have forgotten. That is the power of mentorship. And trust me, you need one in your life.

Many of us might have heard this concept. We might even be faithful disciples of the same. Yet there are many who have not heard neither have the unlocked its power. I have come to realize that we are the mercy of what we hear, see, think and speak. And if we want certain experiences, must then be ready to censor our seeing, hearing, thinking and speaking therefore, to agree with the kind of experience we envision.

I am an ardent believer that life must be intentional if it must be successful. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence.

Ever heard of vision boarding?

Yes, it might sound like norm but it is beyond norm. It’s a lifetime principle that can and will move you closer to your destination in life.

What then is vision boarding?

Vision boarding, is the physical representation of your dreams and visions.

Yet as simple as it is, people are often times deluded by the simplicity of its definition.

It is the simple of act of taking a pictures that represent your dream, aspirations and vision in different facet of your life, and pasting it on a big large wall in your closet. Your aspirations for money, marriage, health, body size, country to visit, people of note to meet and your destination in life. Simple right?

Yet it is the simple things of life that elude us the most.

Having a vision board is the first step to success. But what you do next with it, matters a whole lot and that was my bane before I was rescued.

Most people like me, develop the vision board but we neglect the most important step. Which is to wake up every day and behold it. To look at it consistently, thinking about the things represented there in and meditating on them. That’s the power to unlocking its potential/power. Because trust me, your vision board has power. But if you can’t unlock it, it will remain potential energy.

When you consistently behold it, you start becoming it and experiencing it. And yes it’s not mojo or juju. There’s a principle to it. The more you behold a thing, thinking and meditating through it, it begins to reshape and form a mindset and a perspective. The more you do so, you release energy from a fingerlike projection in your mind which begins to attract to your circle, all that you have envisioned. Because we attract who we are and what we represent. Even prayer and fasting does not change this principle of representation. This is how faith works too.

Has it worked for me thus far? Oh yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be qualified to be teaching this. One of my success storied is that this year, one of the things that I put in my vision board was that I would be a paid writer and I represented it with a picture. And voila! Today I am a paid writer. So it totally works. Try and see!

Finally, your vision board should be updated once a particular goal/vision is achieved.

Like I said earlier, if living must be successful, then living must be intentional! Make that intentional move today, by creating a vision board and watch your life experience a quantum leap!


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