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The Vain Glories of Life

By – Emmanuel Odey


The mystery of life is wrapped up in the rowdy and raucous happenings of the day, and gradually slips away with the serenity, quietness and peace that accomplice the emptiness of the night. Somewhere in-between, nature finds time to bless the locals of the earth; pouring down like rain on the earth, and letting loose the sun in its flaring and consuming fume to atone for the former. The cold of the rain is the boon of a few and the warmth of the sun, pleasures of the other end. Humans and birds alike are a testimony to this relishing truth. The treasures and fortunes of life comes in different stocks and forms, some in the nature of wealth and plenty, some in the habit of ecstasy and soul gripping sweetness, some in the mere satisfaction and peace tied to the soothing laughter of their children, some in the fulfillment of the air they breathe notwithstanding the rigors that comes. This is the bestriding way of life; a referee to the enduring game of pain and the slender joy of some sort, as we tread the earth in wait to the judgment in the end. I have seen riches and glory, one that chomps and cuts through a man even before he realizes the good of it. I have tasted heights and sizes, one that betrays a man and makes him feel like he was the closest to God. I have seen the fealty of God shared on the table of men, all on the altar of money and fame. I have seen a girl so pretty and comely so much that she forgets that beauty is a function of time and an idea of the mind. I have seen wisdom, one that confuses a man so much that he stands before God in a show of repartee. I have seen age, one so old that he questions death and the impossibility of dying. I have tasted love, one that promised eternal togetherness by cock crow yet dwindled by sun down. It is to this end, I say this from where I stand; the world is not a warring zone or a battle ground. The world is not a place of show or a podium of attention. The world is not a prison where you exert agony on people with gift you have been blessed. If you ever find a reason to be aggrieved or sad with what is happening around you, please make peace with life. Nothing in the world is worth the entire struggle, remember, karma may come soon before you expect and when the whistle blows and dust return to dust would you be ready?

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