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Turning Work Into Play

By – Richard Dappa


Education is the key. Yes, we all have heard this a thousand times and I want us to discuss this for a second. s education really the key? Someone asked me a question some days back and it got me pacing through thoughts. He said, “What will you be doing now as an occupation if schooling and professional careers did not exist?” Full but I had no answer to this. See my whole life has been in the cycle of primary school, secondary school, university and then get a job. Even when we see the condition of the labor market today, we still have faith that our cases will be different and we glue our eyes to our school books in hopes that the future will be a lot better. This is what I think, the faith and all is good.

Education is important but I think there is something we should give attention to, our talents. See I believe that if you are very hungry, waiting for the soup to get set when you can chow some cabin sticks while waiting is stupidity. We should give our talents a chance to bloom because at the end of the day not everyone will end up behind a desk. Not everyone will put on a coat to work, some of us will pick up pens and write, some will pick up a microphone and others will get a sewing machine. Sounds petty but this can be the cabin stick while we try to use the so called key called education to open the door of success in our lives. We need to try everything; anything that sets your soul ablaze should be given equal attention as you never know where your breakthrough will come from. But do not get me wrong, education is important even if you are not the book type.

My mathematics teacher will always say mathematics is the hardest subject but if you can get it right then there is no limit for you in academics. See he said mathematics opens your mind to comprehend all other subjects as most of them follow fundamental rules found in mathematics. I like to see education as mathematics in the school of life. If we can just get it right, then life becomes a step easier. I used getting it right because we don’t actually need to be perfect in it. Just do what is right and that is knowing why you got there, getting the basics and fundamentals in your field. I am not actually saying once you get a right then you will be successful because I will be lying if I did that, what I am saying is that if you get it done well, then attaining success becomes a piece of cake.

Finally, it all gets back to how we feel and what makes us happy. At the end, we can drop our certificates and do that which we have always loved. So doing we are turning working into play and believe me that is the best feeling ever.

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