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Tips For Surviving Studying Abroad

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh


Hello everyone, I trust you all had a splendid weekend? I’ve thought about all the possible ways I could write this article, so I decided to write it any way. Today I will be taking you through a few survival tips, now in case you are wondering how I know so much? He must have studied abroad or something! The answer is I don’t! I’ve never been out of the country so I don’t have any personal experience on what it’s like studying abroad. Still, I have got friends and relatives who study abroad, so I got to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of online research.

For a fact! I know (for any Nigerian) the prospects of leaving the country is always exciting but before you bid your home based friends and family farewell, try looking out the search options “tips on surviving your first few days in whatever your destination is abroad” and do a background search on the institution you’ve just enrolled in. As exciting as the experience might be It can also be scary, whatever the case, understand that everything you will encounter will be new and will require some getting used to.

#Blend in but don’t try to belong!

You know what they say, no man is an island so try to open yourself to new friends that can help ease the transition, but while at it, resist the urge to belong (no show yourself!) remember your primary purpose and the long way you are from home so try not to get carried away with any distractions.


There is always the tendency to be home sick, so make use of the channels for communication (make use of the social media if you can’t afford phone calls) your friends and loved ones will be glad to know how you are doing from time to time.

#Sort out the nitty gritty

Ensure you devote ample time to sort out your paper work, ask questions and seek advice from the student counseling unit. Explore the available work study options to help with the finances and maintain a decent spending level; don’t opt for luxury and comfort you can barely afford.

#Obey the law

Be familiar with rules and laws of the land, obey them and stay out of trouble. In countries that have zero tolerance for drugs make sure you avoid anything that might link you with drugs if you don’t want to end up in the gallows.

#Be Careful

While in your new environment, be security conscious and make good use of every opportunity you have.

So there you have it efikos, if you have any other useful survival tips I must have left out please feel free to share.


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