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The Real Deal

By – Crystal Chinonye


I have finally come to realise that there are no secrets to success, there are just habits and those habits are what I call the real deal. Few years back, I was stuck, I watched people go about their daily activities, happy and fulfilled at what they do. I studied their lives and found out that they had one common trait which is the fact that they all read and invest in themselves. “But I read”, I thought to myself, yet I was not getting results, I thought there was something else I was missing or probably, something they were not telling me. I felt they were all hiding what made them who they are, I felt they were merely reserving the secrets for some particular group. My utmost desire and focus was on getting the secret that I lost sight of many significant details, not knowing that all I needed were around me, that I only need to redirect my focus. I was much interested in the people outside, forgetting to put interest in the person within. I went about this way for years, every year was a repetition of the year before, every day was a repetition of the day before, if not worse, there were no recorded improvement. Till I changed my area of focus and started paying attention to details, that was when I came to the realization of the fact that there are no secrets but habits.

I spoke with a friend of mine who happened to be a business consultant, speaking with him for the first time on the phone, he dropped a mind-blowing question which not only changed my life but gave me clues to the answers I was seeking. He asked; “What new thing did you learn today?”. It was a question that silenced me because I had not learned any new thing for that day and the day was left with few hours to end, I shamefully responded that I had learned nothing for that day and he said to me that if I must get ahead in life, I need to take a conscious decision to intentionally learn something nwe everyday. And yes, it was the answer I was seeking, I had been learning but in all sincerity, I had been dwelling on past knowledge and that alone limited my vision, dreams and aspirations. Afterwards, learning something new on daily basis became a ritual that I perform till date.

Little things change our lives, little habits transform us into who we are meant to become, little things which we consider insignificant, can move us from a place of low frequency to a place where we’d be vibrating per second. But the issue is that we keep looking for secrets to success, we consider every other thing common and insufficient to skyrocket us to the place where we wish to be, not knowing that everything lies in our deliberate decision to change the few things we do and set our priorities right and eventually they’d become the habits that’d change our lives for the better. It is amazing how a little extra knowledge added per day, moved my life significantly. It is not the knowledge you already have that will push you but that which you acquire on daily basis. If I had kept looking for the secrets, I wouldn’t have found it till today, because there are no secrets.

Every day, new information circulate and if you don’t make a conscious effort to equip yourself with vital information, you might as well be losing out on some ‘goodies’. Adding a little extra to the already existing knowledge, is a critical success factor; little wonder why it was said that the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is that little EXTRA. That extra is not just standing there as a suffice but standing to represent the little extra things they do which you don’t, the extra knowledge they acquire consistently which you don’t, the extra seminars they attend, which you don’t, the extra bad habit they weaned and the extra good habit they developed, the extra influential and positive people they added to their lives and the extra toxic people they removed from their life. If only you can begin to add that little extra into your life, you took can move from being ordinary to being EXTRAordinary. If only you can start paying attention to the success habits and stop seeking for secrets, you can boldly and confidently move yourself to the success you desire.

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