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The Man That I Am

By – Odey Emmanuel


I know its a new year and the year is obviously young, so it has become common that the cloches of resolutions and New Year attitude we want to wear for as long as the year breaths on. Some of us have come with resolutions akin to building castles in the air and raising the dead from their tombs.

People will always want to seize the opportunity to make drama out of life and just perch with the bandwagon. It has however become crystal clear that these words they employ every year to water their pseudo morality has not always stood the test of time.

I will tell you about a few realities of life. I will tell about the merry-go-round stories that never yielded anything. I will tell you about words spoken from the heart but not from the heart. I will tell you about scared vows and meanings and the need to stand by them. I will tell you about sincerity and the need to be true to oneself even if it means to be scorned or perceived as gibberish by others or you could be at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others while undermining who you are.

I will tell you about me; the lies I will not tell to synch into some group that assembles at the start of every year and quickly vanishes into thin air just a few weeks into the first month of the year when the strength of whatever vow they have made comes to lay its claim or take its course.

I will tell you about me; that I will not become infallible overnight because days became nights and nights added up and became weeks, and months and these figures became three hundred and sixty five days. I will not become so pretentious so that I dont say how I feel when I am hurt because I want to live up to some pseudo resolutions that contradicts who I am.

I cannot promise you that I will no longer falter, that I will make mistakes no more or become immune to wrong choices. It is in the nature of man to be this way and the beauty of nature to be humane. Errors will come, learn to work and deal with them, mistakes will happen, learn from them and live a better life.

I cannot promise you to be an angel on earth because I know angels do not thread the path of men and to say that I am is to say that am a liar that has claimed the presence of immortals amongst men with blood and breathe. Nothing pays more than being real to oneself. The greatest lie any man ever told is the one he told himself in broad day night in the company of only his eras with no one but himself to bear witness. The sun cannot fail to rise in the east and set in the west, for this is how it has been from ages past. And it owes no man apologize for it is in nits nature to work this way.

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  1. You are one of a kind em my

  2. more ink to your pen ! you inspire me

  3. Nyc new year piece…

  4. Inspiring man…Good work

  5. Good work bro…

  6. I salute u sir..More grace

  7. chukwu Chima bright

    Awesome piece man…Api new year

  8. Master of words .. I like how u sew the words

  9. Your words are a soothing medicine to my soul

  10. Emma you give me hope for our generation.

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