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The Man In Me

By – Odey Emmanuel

Who we are is a reflection of what we write. Our writings are a reflection of us. There are the mirror of what and who we truly are. Our writings are a sort of shadow and an imprint that speaks for us when our presence is nowhere imaginable. The love we show in the way we write or the hate and cowardice that overwhelms our writing is poured in the letters we assemble to form words and sentences and meanings therein.
The images of the affection showed by our parents and acquaintances or the pain we suffered in the early stages of our lives inevitably comes out bold in the reality of how we interpret life and the meanings we give or attach to incidents when there happen. The way we put words together as writers or how we co-relate with people in our places of work, or the meanings we attach to rainfall, or faith, or sunshine or scary nights, or pretty flowers or the meanings we ascribe to what we define as truth or lies or love and hate is informed by the uniqueness and differences we ooze in our deeds and inactions. In a rather strange but mysterious way, these sweet-bitter memories provide the un-denying muse and inspirations in a way when there seem to be nothing to tap from. There provide the die-hard reasons why we must be successful or the fickle and flimsy whys and wherefores that makes us think we cannot be a success or a tale of triumph by any shred.
It is evident in the way we speak. The manner with which we preach optimism or the shy reasons with which we create dry paths of pessimism or drought even when famine is thousands of miles away.
It is glaring in the way make friends and obviously so in the manner we interact with people; the way we generously smile, the sort of jokes we crack with friends and the underlying meanings we attach to every day as there come forth with favors and trials.
This truth also is evident in the reality with which we perceive life, the connotations we deduce from every event that crosses our paths and the whole of life happenings and on and on. This truism is clenched on the angle with which we see things and the seeming coincidence with which they eventually happen to the satisfaction of our imaginations and the seeming answers to our wild guesses and the burning fire that eats us up.
It is completely daunting to see some people tie themselves to the dark shadows of the past even when tomorrow seem to promise a whole lot. The memories of yesterday should not become too clingy as to tie us down to the ground and deny us all the happiness that we deserve.
Whatever past you encountered, whether sweet or sour, please allow yourself the chance to re-write history and make a better future out of it. Do not be too keen about the past so that you dont push away the mammoth of happiness and opportunities that lay in wait with your unnecessary gloom and sadness. Grow from it, and learn to be happy.

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