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Kitchen Adventures: A Must Try Milk Recipe

Have you ever stood in the middle of your very empty kitchen with a rumbling tummy wondering what to prepare to make it stop?

Just before you suggest that I get outside to find something to eat, did I mention I am trapped indoors? all thanks to the heavy downpour outside.

There are things that can’t be lacking in my kitchen, milk because my little brother is an ulcer patient, Corn flour used as thickeners for vegetable sauce especially now tomatoes have gone extinct and eggs, used for my sharp sharp breakfast fixes.

After combing through the entire kitchen, Milk, butter, eggs, granulated sugar, nutmeg spice, groundnut oil and of course, my corn flour was all I came up with.

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Drinking milk hasn’t exactly been a thing for me as I eventually get nauseous afterward but hey, I am starving and pretty much unsure of the rain stopping anytime soon.

Aha! it time to be innovative, I thought to myself, as I recalled a certain recipe I came across on the internet.

Carefully arranging by ingredients ( Milk, butter, eggs, granulated sugar,corn flour, nutmeg for flavour) on the counter top , I switched on my innovative mood.

First, I poured some milk into a sauce pan, and added my already whisked egg, sugar and cornflour (Quantity enough to thicken the solution) and then I stirred in butter.

Next, I put on the cooker, and continued stirring, I kept on stirring when I noticed the solution was beginning to have lumps. A few minutes later,  I had a smooth jelly or pap-like solution which I transferred to a square baking dish and left to freeze for 2 hours to solidify.

Fried milk paste

Afterwards,  I proceeded in cutting the solid result into cubes while preheating oil at a medium heat in preparation for frying.

Cutting of fried milk

To fry, I dipped each of the cubes in eggs and coated with flour, bread crumbs would have been preferable but then, I was working with the available. *Feel the rhymes??*..lol

Fried Milk in the making

I did the same procedure for all of my cubes and fried until the cubes were golden brown and crunchy.

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My Fried Milk was ready and I couldn’t wait to take a bite out of this inviting and mouth watering desert of mine.


Mmmmmm….crunchy and yummy! you should totally try this at home because it is quick, tasty, rich in protein and easy to make.

Indeed hunger is the mother of invention!

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