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The Ideal Feminist

By – Suleiman Mukrthar


In the appealing essence of the word “feminism” we have to find colors in chasing the endless route of equality in a race fit for equity.

Feminism in its dictionary sense is said to mean the abolishment of sexes in day-to-day operations of human affairs, hence the forthright with of “equality” among the human race. It is no secrete out there that “it is a man’s world” there is a seeming societal agreement that surrounds the notion of ignorant limitation in what women can do vis–vis a man and vice versa. It is true that we are adifferent unique breed and as such, I as a woman can become pregnant and a man can’t and on and on. However, it is in no manner of anyway a hindrance to what my capability should be in the aspects of social context.

Society tells you that a woman is to be modest, that should talk a certain and laugh remotely, sit with her legs crossed, and act cautiously, however little or no such of said training is accorded to the men whom we are supposed to exhibit these trainingfor. I am not for say, we should be left to wild roam the streets, but that same said attention of well detailed societal behaviour should be accorded to our men as well.

There are sad stories about how society defines our place by our race, status, or gender and with racism fast becoming extinct, gender discrimination seems to be the latest hit tune in town. ‘I am studying Engineering’ and the reaction of indifference registers in the air. Men are supposed to be engineers, and women cook, nurses are women and doctors are men, and it can’t be chefs, in some fickle minded thinking there is anabnormality in being a man kitchen person.

It is not enough to blame the men for all that seems wrong, the definition of feminism doesn’t in any way state that the advocate or victim must be male or female, rather all should advocate for rightful equality. But a truth lies in thereof, we are in our ways different from one another, our sexes do defineour actions sometimes, our emotional outbursts and physical control, hence the idea of equity. The “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar approach” the approach where one gets in the true sense of who you are and is capable of. Amiss our different builds, we have been created to break the norms of society, I can be a woman and be a better engineer, give me my shot. Ibrahim can be a man and be a better cook, give him his, shot while there are things that seemimposed upon the daily lives. we have come to own, who we become, we have to ensure the steps to getting there as humans, we have to evolve. The unfairness to a woman or a man is not rightly well when designed when its subjected to the nature of his sex. Let’s bring up better men with more discipline and faired ideologies, let’s teach our kids the right to know, to stand for themselves to treat one another with courtesy, to value and hold to all dear with respect and care, let’s teach them to be feminist, let’s become feminists.

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