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The Fruits of Diligence

By – Odey Emmanuel


In the history of the world, few people are more highly regarded than Leonardo da Vinci and for good reasons.

The man was way ahead of his time, preempting the future with his undeniable genius that straddled several disciplines including medicine, architecture, engineering and painting.

da Vincis mind gave us detailed concepts of the helicopter and the parachute centuries before these inventions came to be, but his most mystifying work remains the iconic Mona Lisa, a painting he worked on for close to sixteen years which now resides in Frances Louvre museum. The painstaking and brilliant work of da Vinci put into the Mona Lisa is a lesson of diligence you can apply to your life. After all, anything worth doing is worth committing to completely.

The tale of this icon has become my tonic for perseverance and resolve from which I sip from everyday to keep me pushing day and night. The deceitful comfort that weariness bring our way only constitutes a majority of the failure we amass and stockpile through this journey we call life. If we ever hope to experience a positive vicissitude that will bring about the desired change we seek, then all we need is some fervent time of engagement with that which God has destined for us regardless of its nature. The wind of apathy seems to be everywhere now, playing down the innate powers of resilience that has been deposited in every man right from the birth of creation.

That ominous voice that whispers to you when you are most vulnerable and tells how much effort you have endured and the seeming endurance you have put in and why it is a failed venture even when you have hardly applied yourself to the realization of the same. I plead that whenever that voice come calling with its sandbag intents to cage you in again, ask yourself these honest questions: have I really put in enough to call it and end? Have I applied enough that is required before closing the curtains? And while these questions are rumbling and reverberating up your head, before you reach a point of quandary, seek a little permission and allow the story of the man above to sink. Maybe you didnt see it however; I will take my time again to draw the highlight of that story. A man spent sixteen whopping years engaging himself in a single project that has continued to live many years even after his demise. It bites my imagination how many of us would have stopped down the line, how many of us would have despaired and easily blame our problems on the innocence of malaise; one we created ourselves.

Life is an open field of opportunities each one coming with its thorns and prods. One must always be willing to make a difference however, we must recognize that this crown of exception do not always come on a platter of gold buried in our backyards or fallen ripe cherries in our bosom. There are the undeniable results of persistence that has birth the river of lessons we now drink from.

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