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The Frailties Of Life

By – Odey Emmanuel


One cannot measure the disparity between the poor and the rich, the high and low, and all the common chasm that life has brought on our doorsteps. The barriers it has created the walls of separation that comes with it and the lies of superiority. The sheer lies a man tells himself when he wakes up in the morning, the knowledge that he is better than his neighbor and that his money can bring him all the happiness there is on earth.

For some that cannot see beyond the lengths of their noses, so that they are confined to thinking the next mans life is solely in their hands should perhaps take a deep breath and remember that, there is an end to every beginning, so that when it comes, they are not taken unawares. Man must learn that he is but dust that must return to the same when the maker wills so that he does not become too full of himself and let his ego direct his actions.

For those who like to think of themselves as the prettiest and without flaws so that they allow the idea of beauty and youth get into their head should take heed now that the day is young and the sun still out lest, suffer the pain of ignorance and the exuberance of youth.

We must all learn never to be consumed or lured by the temptations of our sense of self, so that it doesnt get the better of us. The earlier we all as a people realize that this place is our temporal home and that life in itself is so tender and can break anytime soon, the better for all of us. The dust you are will return to dust someday and all the hates and fire you started would have become your rain and undoing so that they haunt you and bring nothing but anguish and terror and terrifying carcass of your past and you would wish and wish that you had known all of these but then, it becomes too late to take back the hands of time.

There is something about man that hates the truth, something that turns him deaf to the glaring realities of life, something that makes him think of only himself so that he creates a reality about what he perceives or thinks about life even though whatever he does, does not synch well with the people around him. For those who think of themselves as Albert Einsteins and Solomon, reduce others to scorn and ridicule should have in mind that a man is only as wise as he thinks he is.

God has made us differently for different purposes; it was designed like this from the days of creation so that you complement me, and I do same. My grandmother usually tells this story before she joined the train in the other life. She said, to have a successful party where everybody will be happy and all engaging, they have to be drummers and dancers that if all men became drummers, who will be dancers and if all became dancers, who will be drummers? We all need each other to go through this hurdle call life.

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