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The Essence Of Cleanliness

By – Odey Emmanuel


There is no gainsaying the numerous importance and health benefits amongst other things the need to stay clean and tidy yields. It is the fragrance that attracts people to us even when they know little or nothing about us. It is the fine scent that keeps the face shinny and our confidence up there even when we are not the most extrovert and gregarious person around. cleanliness stretches beyond fine lips with fancy multi-colour lipsticks and high heels with bangles all over. It stretches beyond well pressed trousers worn on white shirts with tie for a company to justify how gentlemanly we are.

Cleanliness spreads all over how we eat, how we talk both in public and in private. How we interact with elders and friends. It is the alibi that provides and garners respect even when we are not the slightest conscious of it. We must understand that it doesn’t matter how much neat and fancy we appear, if show of respect and prudency with words is not a part of you it is certain that people will feel disgusted and irritated by the sight of your presence regardless of the expensive Gucci and neatly worn designers you wear.

One cannot recount how much Mr. Obi lost in life due to his bad choice of words and carelessness of the same. He (Mr Obi) a graduate with fine grades and excellent command of the queens English has lost enviable jobs on the account of his foolery that is not unconnected with the manner he speaks to people. He would work into offices in search of jobs and laud about how he graduated with first class and how he is sure his supposed employer is not half as good as he is and did not even graduate with half his level of grade in school. On one of those his journeys of imprudence and absurdities, riding on the ignorance of his so called first class degree, he entered an office and shouted at a man Seated at the post of the secretary not knowing that, that was his employer. You can imagine what the outcome of this nitwit display was; he was shown the door out and his endless search for job continued. His continuous display of arrogance made him an object of ridicule and irritation that further dampened and played down on the quality of result he has and the magnitude of input he can bring to the table. This is a clear indication that character precedes greatness so that for a man to be great he must first be a possessor or a student of good character. He must be neat and choosy with words even as he is neat in appearance.

As a young lady, it doesn’t matter how pretty you look or how much sun, calmness and warmth your presence brings to the life of a man, if you are carefree with words, you are sure to be used only by the satisfaction of a few men to quench their lightening libido after which you will be let go. No man wants to settle with any woman no matter how pretty as long as she lacks character, character that is beyond morning and evening salutations but how we talk every now and then.

It would be wise to curtail or put off completely that ugly character so that one does not end up like Mr obi or his likes. Cleanliness is one character we must all cultivate.

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  1. Awesome bro just awesome

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