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The Beauty In Our Togetherness

By – Suleiman Murkthar


There is a story about all of us that is existent in our very selves, the story of you and I that is all together the very thing that projects and drives us into being the person we hope and want to be. That it is all together a better world when we stay dejected from the world, when we live in our own bottle. It really a sad fact that we have come to believe that loneliness is a spell to maturity or some sort of way of saying we have outgrown either people of some things. The internet has come and it has made the world small and have us travels across seas and deserts in the comfort of our beds but yet still it has distance us all for the next door neighbour, the next person standing with us. Well, I say these are just words we tell ourselves to console our inner emotions to hide the pains of rejection, the soul eating nibbling feeling that aches our very existence the fear of acceptance and the realization that we have to do more or be more to be able to fit into the kind of world that we hope and pray to create for ourselves. How can one decide to shut everyone out because they feel being alone makes them happy, no one is alone happy, I mean when God made man he had to make Eve for Adam, this is to say that since time immemorial, man and woman alike has always needed somebody to lean on when they are down, laugh with when they happy, and wallow with when they sad.
It is sad when I see people tell themselves lies that they would be better off without anybody, that they can find some sort of soothe in this faade of a life they have to live.

Someone once said to me, in life its either the next person is a blessing or a lesson, a keeper or a see ya, that you hurt doesn’t mean that being alone heals the wound, because it doesn’t. I say rejection hurts, being alone hurts, not wanted around hurts even more, but love, like and attention heals these wounds so let’s not mistake the right for the wrong.
Your life is a story of which you are the dominant character with the pen to write an impeccable note, every being and animal has a role to play to making u become the success that u are today or are going to be someday, there are no accidents because whatever is, was or would be have been ordained to be to take u a step further to the door that is called your FATE, so live your life and don’t forget to smile and most importantly, don’t forget to breathe while u are at it that this story of yours can only be written by you. Remember that no one can go through life alone, that no man can live as an island and even the ISLAND needs the water around it to SURVIVE.

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  1. It is the color of our separation our own beaus are… Good to have you back mukky

  2. This is too man… Keep it up… Welcome back

  3. Oga I heard you almost died… Nice to read from you again

  4. Everyone has a role to play in our lives

  5. Mehn… I miss your writings honestly

  6. Mehn, this cool bruh

  7. Ma able wordsmith.. How I have missed you

  8. We gotta learn to live and let live man… Good one bruh

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