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Do I Thank God It’s Good Friday?



By Okoye Chinenye

Good Friday is a day of fasting within the Church. Traditionally, it is the only day in the Catholic calendar that Mass and celebration of the Holy Eucharist are not allowed and altars are left bare.

As I fixed my gaze at the altar as its being stripped of its glory and beauty, I couldn’t  help but feel pain and emptiness as tears began to well up my eyes.

I began to imagine the pain and fear he went through even as the son of God that he is, just because he wanted to pay the price I owed on the cross. Why do we even call good Friday ‘Good’?

Before the coming of our redeemer, men were subjected to the punishment of death because of sin as Romans 5:12 depicts; “Through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men”. But Jesus came to nullify the effect of the first sin of Adam and Eve, to give us back our lives through his suffering and death. What a Sacrifice!

Today, the disciples of Jesus were broken when they saw their master beaten, swollen, bruised, and bloodied, all hope was gone. But when the disciples saw Jesus standing before them on the third day they could not help but be transformed.

With Resurrection came transformation from fear to courage not just with the disciples but with every Christian who believes.

Today is definitely a Friday to thank God for because even in the midst of unbearable pain, agony and suffering there is the hope of resurrection, the ultimate gift and the promise of amazing transformation for all who takes the 14 steps of pain with our lord all the way to calvary.

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