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Teach Your Children About Sex

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


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One of the most awkward conversations you can have with your child is on sex. Its uncomfortable both for the parent and child. Naturally, most parents tend to shy away from talking to their children about sex. They assume their children will learn it from their teachers at school. While this may be true, parents should also play a role in educating their children about sex.

The thing is, whether you educate your ward on sex or not, the world will. There are lots of information out there, both good and bad. You never can tell which one your child will pick up and stick with. They may even be pressured by their peers to experiment with their bodies.

As parents, your Job description includes protecting your child from danger. One of the ways to do that is to teach them about sex. Trust me you dont want your kid contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or battling with early pregnancy.

One of the challenges parents face is knowing the right age to teach their kids about sex, knowing how say it and knowing what to say. Generally, kids are inquisitive. They can drive you nuts with their plenty questions. However, no matter how many questions they ask, try to answer. Satisfy their curiosity.

It is suggested that the right age to teach your child about sex is from 12years old. However times have changed, your 6year old can hear about sex from anywhere and decide to ask you. Dont shoo him /her off. Rather explain it for their level. You could say Sex is the way married people like daddy and mummy show that the love each other.

When your child is finally up to age , you can give them the upgraded lecture.

Tips to help you know how and what to teach your child.

1 Set a calm atmosphere

Dont make sex talk more awkward than it already is. Have a warm demeanor, so that your child doesnt get uncomfortable.

2 Say the truth

Puh-leeze dont use terms like your wee-wee or pee-pee. Call the sexual organs by name, and tell your child whats at stake. Most parents tend to say if a man touches you, you will become pregnant. Or if you touch a woman, they will be pregnant.

The problem with this is that they become fearful ,yet lack knowledge.

Tell them about the sex process, the risk of unprotected sex and also teach them the values you want them to live by.

3 Assure them

Tell your kids they can trust you enough to share their confusion. It high time parents stopped being mean that their kids cant share their worries.

I hope this article helped. Have a great day.


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