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Our Stories Are Contained In Our Journies

By – Suleiman Mukthar


I will tell you about me, my stories, my whole life and its glories. I will tell you of my successes, my achievements and its processes, the means and ways that I have come to be here, to move again with another, and pause with the moon and gaze the stars.

I will tell you of all of it, the laughs at noon and the cries in the deep of the night, the smiles that swoons and the worths of my fight. But, instead I will share forth my lessons, the morals and morale that have literally made me here, here where I wish to be gone from when the day’s end comes eminent. And you will realize when all is said and done, that s there really isn’t anything to everything, there is just you and what have chosen to make of life, what you have come to accept, the challenges and heat that you have let craft your handiness, your beauty, the realization that you needn’t be accepted to belong, you belong because you simply belong.

You will come realize that your stories inside of mine are only there because we are intertwined, not because I define you or you, I, but because the world is a breathing cell of movable icepacks, one that travels its own journey but fuses in everything else together.

The year, is coming to a halt, fast with its furies going back to whence they came, there have been some lessons learnt, and some unseen, some really hurtful stories and laughable ones, as such we realize that we remember what happened so we can deal with them, to forgive our fellow man, not because of beliefs but for the peace of sheer necessity, we forgive fully, but never to forget, we forgive ourselves, and our fellow men, we forgive all that is supposed of us, because of our infallibility, we don’t forget not hold a grudge but to familiarize with said hurt to never weigh us down again. We become complete when we peace of stale conflicts are let to rest, to not die but rev our hearts to becoming better persons, to becoming humans, to become free.

So, as we start to move to better tomorrows and promises forthwith, hold on tight to all that seems good, promise to let your humanity be true, allow yourselves to be bathed in the sun to these tomorrows and be renewed, kiss the heavens and enjoy the warmth of the sun, live for you and love unconditionally, become who you have set to become and if by next year’s end you still haven’t become, recall that the journey is what makes who we are, the destination is just a place.

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