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Smashing Goals

By – JamylahYusuf


Hy everyone.

In less than ten days, we will be officially out the first month of 2018.

I hope you are smashing or at least in the process of smashing those goals you set for 2018. There is always time until there is no time; says a good friend of mine. So whatever it is you planned to do this year. Get at it already. Stop making excuses. Procrastination hasn’t benefitted anyone till date. Stop being its slave.

Here are some useful tips on goal smashing i stumbled across on WOMEN OF TREIGN BLOG and i thought to share.



If youve set a goal to lose 10 kgs every January for the last

five Januarys chances are, this isnt the right goal for you.

We humans LOVE to measure, and tangibly track our progress

which is necessary at times but what keeps us hanging on

to our goals isnt an empty number on the scale, its the feeling

that we are doing something bigger than ourselves. That we

are taking our lives into our own hands and creating something

different how powerful and motivating is THAT?! So the first

step to smashing your goals is making sure you set one that

has some purpose and meaning behind it! Try and base these

goals around feelings instead of kgs, numbers or dates.

Instead of I want to lose 10kgs by December Try I want

to FEEL more confident in my body this year! This takes the

pressure off hitting a specific number by a specific date and

opens the door to a much healthier relationship with your body

& the way you approach weight loss. #winning


We all know the classic story of The Tortoise and The Hare

and how slow and steady will win the race. Use this little gem

of wisdom in your approach to goal smashing this year. We

often forget that the bad habits we want to change or break

often manifested for YEARS and developed in our life over a

long period of time. They are not going to go away in a day.

This is especially true for the gym. We often neglect our bodies

for very long periods of time and then expect miraculous

turnarounds in 6 weeks or less. Play the long game with your

goals this year, keep in mind that REAL change takes time and

that ultimately what makes it so much more rewarding in the

end is the journey you took to get there!


I have never been too good at following strict rules. Someone

tells me not to touch the hot plate so what do I want to do

well, yeah! Touch the bloody plate!! As a general rule, I have

found that diets or goals which cut out things entirely are

never the answer. Sure, maybe we go through periods where

we avoid coffee or alcohol, but telling yourself that youre never

allowed ice cream, or brownies or cookies ever again is just

setting yourself up for failure. Failure feels bad. Failure makes

us want to throw our stupid goals out the window and eat the

entire cookie aisle at Woolies. Dont set yourself up for failure. I

have found that setting limitations as opposed to restrictions

is so much more effective when it comes to managing change.

If you know you enjoy ice cream and ice cream makes you

happy, then you should have some ice cream in your life! Just

limit the number of times you have it per week. If you normally

have it every night, start by cutting it down to 5 times per week,

and then 4, and then 3 and then maybe just weekends or 1

night a week. The great thing about limiting as opposed to

restricting is you dont feel like youre depriving yourself of the

foods that make you happiest youve just consciously chose

to make healthier choices for your body on a more regular

basis GO YOU!


When youre making a life change, whether its fitness, diet or

behaviour related, the first month or so will feel impossible

like youre getting no where and you will want to quit a million

times this is just the nature of change. So when your setting

a goal for yourself, also think about setting a plan in place for

when sh*t gets real and you want to back out on it. This is why

having PURPOSE behind your goal (and not just a number) can

be so powerful. As youre setting a goal, I want you to write

down, in 3-5 points, what it would mean to you to achieve this

goal. How would it change your life? How would it make you

feel? So that every time you feel like calling it quits, you can

pull out your notes and remind yourself why you started, and

why youre going to see this through.


Just about all of the books I have read about managing and

growing a business have spoken about having a strong support

system and leveraging the strengths of the team against your

weaknesses. This applies to any form of goal setting or period

of personal growth. You need to surround yourself with a team

of people who are on your level. People who also want to

make positive change. People who also want to grow and get

better. Whether that be at fitness, nutrition or the violin, find

these people and stick yourself to them like glue. They are

your support team. They are the ones who will hold out their

hands and carry you through the hard days, and vice versa. So

find a community. One that you resonate with, one that you

enjoy being a part of, and one that you can count on. Team

work makes the dream work.

Lastly, we are so quick to criticise and put ourselves down for

small slip-ups, mistakes or set-backs. Remember first and

foremost that you are a human, we humans arent perfect, and

change can be bloody hard. Then give yourself an encouraging

slap on the bum and go on and do the damn thing! Celebrate

ALL your victories, no matter how small and never be afraid

to talk some positivity into your journey .

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  1. Welldone jamylah. nicely written. way to go 2018!!

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