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There Is A Small Way Of Doing Everything

By – Joyce Paulsen


I was speaking with a friend earlier in the day and as we were analyzing certain situations, this statement escaped from my lips and I decided to write on it and to explore its implications with you today.

I have this very close buddy who is very enterprising. As a matter of fact, one word that best describes him is ‘Visionary’. He sees possibilities everywhere and in everything. Ideas flood his heart every minute of the day and this is not an exaggeration o. In my few years of relating with him, I have seen him start up a couple of enterprises. As a matter of fact, there was this particular year I visited him and he showed me a book of 100 ideas he had developed and had planned to execute all of them in the course of that same year. My dear that was the end of it o. He did not execute any of them that year sef and I think this is a common trait that dreamers/visionaries have. It’s not a weakness if you learn how to outsource the executive and management aspect of what you do because the truth is you can’t do everything by yourself and will always need people. As a matter of fact, most dreamers are not managers and most managers are not dreamers. So both parties need each other.

Back to my topic, it was while I was analyzing the businesses of this my visionary friend that I said, ‘There is a small way of doing everything’. No matter how big an idea you conceive, there is a small way to start. You might have a N5billion idea but can start with N5000. I have read too many stories that confirmed that. Almost every big business we celebrate today started the same way- Disney, Google, Apple, Amazon and a lot of them. Great things almost always start small. The word ‘small’ is relative. What is small for you might not be small for me. It can be said to be small only in relation/comparison to something bigger which is the vision you have.

The challenge my visionary friend had was that he never knew how to start small so he launched out relatively big and closed down too soon because there was no fund to sustain such level of operations. That was the plague of most of his businesses.

There are tremendous benefits in starting small. I will quickly highlight some of them:

  1. There is a reduced level of risk when you start small. The measure of risk you will face or survive will be reduced. Even God told the Israelites to takeover Canaan little by little so that they wouldn’t have to deal with too many wild animals
  2. Little resources are required to start
  3. You are less overwhelmed and more relaxed when you start small
  4. You will learn to maximize even the little resources at your disposal
  5. It will teach you perseverance
  6. It matures you because you grow as the business grows

Now to you my dear friend and reader, I know that you are most likely considering starting a new enterprise or launching out into a new field of endeavor and I know you could possibly be overwhelmed by the greatness or bigness of that which you are about to step into but I want to encourage you to Think Big but Start Small. As a matter of fact, spend quality time visualizing and getting acquainted with the big future of that which is in your heart to do but you must step into reality to start. That’s the difference between a Telescope and a compass. With a telescope, far objects appear closer and larger but a compass helps you navigate. If you were to climb the rooftop of your house and view a mountain with a telescope, the mountain appears closer to you but you can’t get to the mountain from your roof top else you will fall and meet ‘concrete justice’. If you must get to the mountain, you must come down from your house and use a compass to find your way.

That’s the message of this write up.

So dear, just in case you are thinking how you can start small, do the following:

  1. Write out the vision (the big picture) on paper clearly
  2. List out everything you would require to execute the vision (both the financial, material and human resources)
  3. List out the things you currently have at your disposal (financial, material and human resources)
  4. Think! Think! Think! Think on how you can start with what you have. Maximize the relationships you have. Someone might be willing to give you certain things he has at no cost, just on the basis of relationship. Relationships are your greatest assets, maximize them!

You are permitted to start small but never remain small! See you at the top dearie as you take baby steps in the actualization of the dreams of your heart.

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