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Of Short Forms & Shortcuts

By – Lois Peters


Normally, I had no ish with folks who write short forms. As a matter of fact, i used to write on short forms too. In fact, i think i championed the course at some point. And then, Nokia torch phone didn’t make it very easy to communicate as intended. Where you’d have to click a button twice or thrice, just to get to the particular letter you’re looking for. Imagine if you’d have to type long words as leadership, organization and the likes. So it was typical and wise to just apply “philosophical wisdom” and shorten the words.

I, like most youths out there, continued in this despicable act until i began to notice it was not just affecting my ability to spell words correctly and maintaining protocols in writing to someone in authority, it produced a certain psyche. The short cut psyche!

Mehnnn, if I could shorten my words, then I might as well shorten the process of work by taking short cuts, I thought to myself.

A dangerous psyche I willingly courted. Little did I know that such attitude had mammoth proportions.

It slowly left just writing short forms to bypassing protocols and making/taking short cuts; hence breaking rules and regulations.

For the records, I’m not in any way dismiss being creative and innovative in finding improved ways of solving problems. But when it becomes an unhealthy lifestyle of continuously circumventing protocols and process, all in the name that the world is revolutionising, then we’ve got a problem. And I rather remain traditional.

You can’t remove the place of process in life. It’s pertinent as it has its own contribution in value!

I remember then an advice given me by my close buddy. She said; “Nne, everything we do is a product of a certain psyche. And more often than not, our repeated actions authenticates a psyche and solidifies it. Why take short cuts always. See, people who take short cuts, often cut short their lives.”

It sounded gibberish at the time, but now, i comprehend fully. Our actions are all products of psyches. It takes a lazy psyched mind to bypass process. And this emphatically plays out in our environment today, where you find majority of the youths would rather go for fast money; yahoo yahoo, all in a bid to cut short the process of building a legitimate business from scratch and turn it into a well spring of money.

They’d rather sort their way out of school then imbibe the rigorous, yet gainful process of reading to pass from one level to the other.

And some how, we forget that in life, nothing is without process. So why not take the route of gainful process? We also forget that nothing stands alone. One step is the antecedent of the next. And so, you can’t really jump the process.

So, just like my dear friend advised, my dear reading friend, stop short forms and short cuts. It only denies you a chance at growth and advancement. Hence, cutting short your life and experience!


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