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By – Kayode Ipadeola


Do you know of anyone who doesn’t have a shadow? (Five fingers up) I do. I do know of about 1.5 billion people who owns no shadow. I would gladly mention few of them along the lines but wouldn’t reveal their names for security reasons.

Of course we all know that a shadow is a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface. Who’s talking about such shadow..

Naturally all opaque object has a shadow. This I accept too but at the same time, I stand the ground on the fact that not all opaque has a shadow, specifically the humans. Not all human creates a reflection.

The birth of shadow

So I purged almost through the day, which obviously disorganized my system. It was just a terrible dull weekend for me. There was no work to attend to neither was there any friend to relate with since I’d just rellocated. This means I got no one to visit except that I’d visited the toilet for almost the 8th time already and it was getting boring. My new toilet was already chasing me out loud so I decided to take a hot bath, although I knew the hot bath wouldn’t do much good to my current state since it was hot all day, still I resorted to the hot bath expecting either of two things in return- either my already disorganized system get a plus to the disorganization or I would miraculously get better, at least get freed from visiting the toilet the 8th/9th time.

It was already past 7pm after I had taken the hot bath and it kind of affected me positively, at least a bit, better than previous. Since I was now feeling kind of cold, I decided to put on my harsh jalamia (a kind of long gown worn by the Muslims) and since my mobile phone battery was down, I took the liberty of using my half-charged powerbank.

Really I never planned It- I just put on the tiny light on the powerbank, connected my phone to it pot and unknowingly directed the ray of the produced light to the wall that was almost closer to me just outside the dark. At first it was a mere bright white light until a dark virtual image appeared in between the standing wall and myself. Yeah, it was indeed me reflecting. It was my shadow. It looked perfect but faceless. I stood for a couple of married minutes admiring and accessing my own reflection then it dawned on me that it could have been another person’s shadow, reasoning on a more higher rem, slightly spiritual. But it was mine anyway.

Here is the real deal:

Permit me to beg your pardon here- many people are shadowless, although the biological shadow of them clearly reflects still, but this apparently doesn’t mean they own a good shadow. They are merely obeying the law of opaque objects- after all, they are meant to prevent the passage of light through them thereby creating a virtual image within.

You’ve become shadowless

– When all the things you engage in aren’t what you intend doing.

– When you do all you do just to please others at the expense of hurting you.

– When you can’t boldly wish for your unborn children to walk in your shadow.

We all must have heard of the term “he lived in his father’s shadow” . This is an ideal term that can only be used when someone had lived a purposeful and fulfilled life. You need to reexamine the kind of life you’ve been leaving or currently leaving. How meaningful is it? How helpful is it? How remarkable is it? What would people say about you when you’re no more? Would your children happily wish to walk in your shadow? Is your lively hood headed towards been tag a legacy?

It’s time you stopped living in others shadow. Stop living a fake shadow. Stop trying to please others to displease yourself. Don’t live because you’re just alive. Yes, everyone deserves to live and yes! Everyone deserves to live right!!.

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  1. hmm.. this is deep. Tnkz bro

  2. U knw. D way u initiated the conversatn I was kinda tinkn u were up to a funny story, until I read downwards den I realized d ultimate message u intend to pass. Dz is so brilliant, I wouldn’t lie to u Kay. Ure indeed one of doze flawless inkgods of our time.

  3. Rili nice. kip it up. d sky wouldn’t be ur limit eida

  4. Joe has said it all. nice one

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