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The Secrete Is No Secrete At All

By – Suleiman Mukrthar


There is beauty and magic and power in the now. Realize that you’ve outgrown your past and it’s time to let it go. Look upon where you’ve been as merely the prologue to the epic story that is your life. The best gift you will ever give yourself is living fully in the present. The future might be a little too loose and the past a little to tight, but the present fits just right. The present is the gift that have been promised, the gift that you have worked so hard to earn, to achieve and make the beat of, or the worst of. To own up to and become better to, or loose and learn a very difficult detesting lesson.

There are two sides to a coin, two sides to a story, two sides on competition and most importantly, two sides to life.the secrete of success isn’t in the fancy lie of fancy men English in well structured and designed back covers sold at exorbitant prices, the secrete of success is in us as persons, as beings that we are, as the humans we become, we choose to be before anything else. It is no hidden truth that the best of happiness is in the content of the heart, the realization that what we have is mostly all we have, that what we have is as a result of the sense of fulfillment that is derived, the actualization it is not so much that we have all of the world, but that we have enough to get us by, to keep the body and soul intact, the lubricate the mind and keeps the muscles flexy.

The secrete of success, is not the stories of successful man, it isn’t in the tales of hurdles scaled and challenges met, the secrete of success is in his temperamental attitudes towards such problems, his faith and composure. His ability to be tactful where need be, be up straight and non compromising in his principle. It is not in our messages but the presentation, it is not the products but the problems said products tends to thaw. It is in the ability to break your complex overwhelming tasks in to manageable tasks, stand strong and stay firm to a part, to a route that leads through the routes to the destinations you will to reach. The power of will to make ways is on eminent standard, the believe in the subconscious, the abstraction of dreams and actualizations, to be able to smell the desert with ur thoughts and feel the bare of baby’s skin with ur mind, millions of miles away.

In the end, amiss the whole fuss and clamor to be better, to be stronger, to be successful, amiss the want to mine through the depths of the earths for the success secretes one will come to realize that there isn’t really a secrete to the secrete, there is just who you are, how you handle the problems of where we are, and the workable solutions achieved. And the secrete of no secrete remains, BE YOU

Its a new year… Live in every moment and make them count…

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