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Secret Ways To Be Happier In 2018

By – Kayode Ipadeola


Beyond the merriment that accompanies the dawn of New Year, it’s like a ritual for people to wish for, pray towards, hope for and draw up a plan to have a better year than the previous one.

At a popular bar this previous Sunday, I sat on my buttocks sipping my favorite pack of hollandia yoghurt, then I didn’t notice when my ears started listening to some of the men who had come to revel and share their New Year resolutions. As can be imagined, the resolutions people have for themselves in the year range from the truly inspiring to the downright laughable. But according to psychologist, having a better year goes beyond drawing up a good plan or making pleasant wishes. Thus the following are some of the practical secrets I’ve put together that can help you have a happier year :

* Have a smart resolution – it is customary for people to have New Year resolutions, often aimed at self-improvement. Infact, in certain circles, people who don’t draw up a plan of action stand the risk of being seen as unserious, but research have shown that there is a measure of joy and fulfilmentpeople derive when they accomplish their targets. But in spite the huge importance people attach to this sacred-like activity, they still rarely keep to their resolution. Infact, it can beconcluded that only about 10% keep to their resolution at the end of the year. But why? What is the solution?

Resolution should be made specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. People should write their resolutions down wherever they can see them regularly; people should also be specific about the goals by breaking them down into step-by-step plans.

People should also be patient with themselves inspite of the need to make quick changes. Such goals should also be shared with close and trusted allies to also serve as watchers and observers, because mere self-control may not be enough.

* Improve and take stock- there is no hard-and-fast rule about how to be happier in the year, noting that happiness is a chance made by an individual. There is a need to reassess one’s position, take stock of what happened to them the previous year, reappraise the situation to see where you fared well and fell short simultaneously.

The places where such individual did not farewell should be re-strategise on what to do to ensure things get better in order to avoid a certain form of de javu. For me, I don’t really believe in some resolutions people make because some of them don’t work, although it obviously mostly depends on the individual. .The end of every year are a cycle that enable us to check and do a vivid introspection on how far we have gone.

Life itself is holistic. You can grow materially but if there is no emotional and spiritual balance, the individual remain unhappy. And that is where the need of stock taking comes in. B

* Have a financial plan- although it might appear somewhat unrealistic to have a workable financial plan at the beginning of each year, especially when people do not know the kind of expenses they would incur in the course of the year, but the factual truth is that it is quite achievable.

* Plan to live healthy + stay positive and have fun- one of the first people things that tend to mar people’s experiences in the year is poor health, which is sometimes a product of lifestyle and how much attention people pay to their health.

On positivity, in as much as people tend to have a goal they are working towards, it is advisable not to forget to have a life and stay optimistic. Even when its crystal clear that a lot of reward comes from multitasking, sometimes it often tells on one’s health. Thus it is advisable to work smart, create time for fun amidst all hurdles, spend wisely, give to those in need; which comes with a certain feeling of fulfilment.

Having a positive mentality is a motivational factor that could drive people in the pursuit of their goals.

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  4. But errm.. U didn’t complete the previous article. Your conclusion was to be continued. Nd was actually looking forward to reading that this week. This is great too tho. But pls endeavor to complete and post D previous week(s).. Thanks

  5. But errm.. U didn’t complete the previous article. Your conclusion was to be continued. Nd was actually looking forward to reading that this week. This is great too tho. But pls endeavor to complete and post D previous week(s).. Thanks

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