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Scam Alert detecting Fake Job Interview Invitation

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh

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So sometime last week Thursday, I received a text message I had already been quite familiar with. The body of the text message read;

With reference code 2018hJ4A

You are hereby invited for an interview

Date: 01-12-17. Venue: No 10, Badamosi Str

Opp Total Filing Station. Time 9AM


This should be the fifth time this year I would be getting similar messages. I have to admit the first time I got one; I was a bit hiked up already anticipating all the possible ways the interview would go. Eventually I took time to study the text message, then it became clear to me and then I realized everything was wrong with the invitation. For starters, I dont recall ever applying for something like that. Secondly, the text message did not indicate the organization or firm organizing the interview. Next, there was no position either and the main clincher is the address (it reeked sinister!)

You see, fraudsters engineer these kinds of tools for deceit to reel in innocent unsuspecting job seekers. The objective is to trick you into thinking you have a shot at getting a job through various fake representations, false vacancies and fake recruitment exercises primarily with the sole objective of manipulating vulnerable job seekers and defrauding them. Here are some tips that will help identify scam recruitment

A friend of mine sent me a link once telling me NNPC is recruiting, she sent me a link that took me to a facebook page all designed with NNPC logos with all kinds of posts. When a major government owned petroleum cooperation such as needs to recruit, please get the information from a national newspaper, national news agency and most importantly, the corporations website (please be sure you know the real website).

Pay Attention to Details; fake recruitment procedures always have flawed structures you wont miss, if you pay close attention. For instance, a major petroleum cooperation such as the NNPC would never request candidates send application to a private email, (someone@gmail.com, or NNPCrecruitment@yahoo.com). If applications are meant to be sent to an email, it would definitely be the cooperations email with the web domain (recruitment@nnpc.ng.gov)and in most cases, applications would be processed on the companys website.

Money for Employment: this is the main indicator youve just wasted your time, genuine recruiters will never charge job seekers any fee what so ever for employment. So the moment anyone demands money, take the hint and walk.

When a vacancy seems to glitter too much, its most likely a scam. On a job ad page, I saw a vacancy for a position that stated the pay, and it was ridiculously high for the position. When the job offers unrealistically good conditions, an excessively high salary with other benefits then you know its a fake job vacancy.

Always conduct a back ground check on any company or firm you intend sending an application to. This will help you know if the vacancy or recruitment is genuine or fake. Guard your personal and financial details such as passwords, bank details, ATM pins. And when an interview is to be conducted in a strange location such as a secluded compound or building, apply caution if you need to attend.

Finally, be wary of channels for information, such as vacancies posted on street walls or flyers distributed on the street. (they are most likely ritualists) so be smart and be safe. I look forward to seeing your experiences and opinions on this discussion. Have a lovely week ahead.

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