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Saving For Rainy Days

By – Odey Emmanuel


Sometimes the joy of abundance can be deceitful, and the beacon of plenty abused. We have so much at times that the tact to slow down and take our legs off the throttle become too much of a task. It becomes so difficult that we throw caution to the wind and end up in a rather ghastly accident.

When we get on this vehicle of never-ending spending spree, we become so blind to the reality of tomorrow and the preparation of an uncertain future. Some of us quickly find solace and excuse in the phrase Tomorrow will take care of itself as the journey of squandering and reckless bustles dictates the pace. However, we must understand that the God that has provided all these things expects that you become financially prudent in your decisions so that you should be able to save and spend wisely.

The season we are in comes with a lot of distractions and temptations, especially to become or act like the man or woman next door. There is this faint ridiculousness about how we act in the attempt to aping the other man or woman. Its bizarreness goes truly beyond what meets the eyes and it is nauseating in all manners imaginable.

It is that period where that austere spirit is gradually cuddled to rest while the giant desires of frivolities and high-way insensitivity comes to play.

Every decision you make now as regards to spending will definitely have its mark when January walks in next year.

This period as it has become traditional, is always characterized with myriad of hardships and colossal chasm of needs. It is always good to celebrate and join in with the bandwagon especially in celebratory seasons like this, but one must be careful not to step his bounds. As you merry and join in the groove, let your mind loose so that it helps you go foresee what is at stake even as your mortal body remains presence with your carousing friends. Do the needful at the time and keep your minds away from numerous and extravagant wants.

Caution is the mother of peace and comfort, and if one wishes to enter into the on-rushing New Year with some level of preparedness; one must in all manner of seriousness thread with caution and utmost carefulness. We have all been through this road before. This song I sing you today is not a new one. So many writers and the ones before them have rallied down this alley before however, as real and crystal clear this obvious truth is, people continue to be victims of their careless and impulsive decisions time and again.

It is on the back of these unrepentant acts that I beseech you allow me the honor of being the last prophet to bring you this gospel of liberation and accountability. Let us take off this garment of obduracy and mulishness, remember it brings nothing but regrets and gnashing of teeth.

While the line preceding this may ignite humor and invite a few cheers and amusement, it is in laughing as you read that you should understand that if this truth is not adhered to, or given the relevant consideration it deserves, tears will rain when the days of reckoning comes. Did that change your countenance? Well, take heed now that the day is sunny with ample time and bright in cameo where one can account for the numbers of her black goats, for the night comes with capricious and unpredictable certainties so that one cannot be sure of what is underway.

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  1. A standing ovation dear

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