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Safety First

By – Odey Emmanuel


The time is already upon us. As you journey to and fro remember that only the man that breaths can eat, or dance, party or make merry. Always keep in mind that plethora of celebrations of this kind and more still lie ahead and only the living or healthy can truly be a part of it. This should be your watch ward as the whole buzz and frenzy sails on. Remember that the application of wisdom is key so that you will be cautious of the places you go, the things you eat, the level at which you drink alcohol or otherwise.

Have in mind that no matter how loud the songs now may be or how indulging they make you be, tomorrows can only be better. The world is not ending now, do not drink yourself to stupor and end up in the hospital tomorrow. Healths first, bury that at the back of your mind. The pills I prescribe will be most essential as the celebrations gallops into its peak and climax. Please take heed, for that that seems sweet now may become your doom and end in the later days.

Experience has it that when seasons like this come around, it comes with catastrophic happenings that beg the question why. Why wreck havoc on people in seasons of joy such as this? Why make people weep in solitude while others are celebrating with friends? Why take what is not yours so that another man gets soaked in rage and anger in seasons like this? These questions creep through my mind every now and then but I realized that the nature of man is wicked and heartless so that he careless about how his fellow man feels when he rains this wickedness and callous acts on them. It was when this knowledge dawned on me that I put a halt to these thoughts.

This is why I urge that we all celebrate with wisdom. The scavengers and vultures are out there waiting for whom to devour and feast on. Be warned, thread with caution and be conscious at all times.

Kidnapping is most rampant these days, mothers watch out for the whereabouts of your little kids, the hunters are still out there. In the same vein, the adults are not left out, just so you know, there are also kidnappers whose targets are adults, remember there are out there waiting to pounce as soon as your focus is lost and your guard declined. Hence, be mindful of the vehicles you board, I have heard a story about how a group of nitwit kidnappers staged a kidnap, they did so well so much that one of them ( the kidnappers) was a supposed pregnant woman, she was seated somewhere in the car as some passenger to the ignorance of others. This ploy and scheme they employ always to breathe innocence and solace to the atmosphere so that people board without fears. And that was how a young lady was kidnapped, killed and sent to the land of see-me-no-more.

This and many other schemes are their ways of operation. It is therefore imperative to take into considerations these facts and share with loved ones. It is true that only God protects but it is also very true that wisdom guards the path of men.

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