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Sad! South African Renowned Novelist Takes his Own Life


Renowned South African Novelist, Karel Schoeman, Afrikaans writer and supporter of the anti-apartheid movement has committed suicide at the age of 77.

He left a suicide note dated April 27 which was released on Tuesday by his lawyer, Carl Van Rensburg.

In his letter he complained of how it was a burden for him to live as he was becoming dependent, hence the reason he took his life.

The letter reads: “I have encountered enough aging and old age to be sure that I never want to be old.

“I decided years ago to end my life‚ or try anyway,voluntarily cease the use of food and drink and end his life through a process of so-called mortification.

“During the same time the deterioration of my physical and spiritual abilities also became clearer.

“What is waiting for me is‚ humanly speaking‚ by all probabilities a condition of slow decline and growing helplessness‚ thereby becoming more and more of a burden as I become more dependent.

It was his second attempt at killing himself, “An attempt at 75 was interrupted by circumstances and in the meantime I have turned 77.

“Thus it is necessary to tackle the matter meaningfully while I still have full movement‚ physical freedom and possess the spiritual clarity to make a logical decision … and carry it out effectively.”

“The decision to take one’s own life is naturally a very personal one which I would not blindly advise anyone to take.”

“For me‚ I am grateful to be able to make and follow through the decision.”


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