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By – Andrew Mejire Etoh


Well what can I say guys? The year 2017 has been one heck of a rollercoaster, it wasnt exactly a joy ride but taking into consideration it could have been a lot worst, Im so grateful to the Almighty God. From when I clocked 13 years old, I was full of life, young, and a little nave, energetic, mischievous and pretty darn optimistic. I had begun to imagine what my life would look like five years from then and I was pretty sure it would be great. I was sure I would have graduated from secondary school and gained admission into one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, studying one kick ass course that dint involve any form of mathematics, and likely be dating one of the hottest babes on campus (thats a bonus). Five years later, things dint quite go as planned. I had graduated from secondary school, only I dint gain admission as I had anticipated. In short, everything about that year reminded me of how much my life sucked in many ways. It was the beginning of a dark phase of my life, and a once colorful, optimistic, energetic and lively teenager slowly receded into a pale, lonely and depressed person.

Looking back from home, my parents worked really hard and sacrificed so much so we could get quality education, I mean we attended the best schools in the area, and they ensured they provided all we needed. Somehow they believed education is the key to a better future. At this stage I had become a concern for them, I felt I had let them down. I felt stuck, neither reversing nor advancing. I wrote the popular JAMB exams five times in five years and in all I met the required score to gain admission into the university, still it never came. I was undaunted, each time I worked even harder, studying even more than the previous years. Eventually, I gained admission into the university. While in the university, I thought about what my life would look like four years from that moment. To be honest, I wasnt so optimistic, but I was hopeful it turns out to be better than where I am now. My years as an undergraduate in the university had its moments of bliss and pain, glory and uncertainty, challenges, battles, victories and defeat. Four years from that moment, against all odds; I graduated from the university and proceeded to service. I began to think about life after service, from my experience, I no longer knew what to expect. I decided, no matter what I went through, I was ready for the fight. No matter what, I would never give up.

Through the years, I made few friends, lost some, and been through some pretty rough times. In 2016 I landed a great job with benefits, met and married the love of my life and in 2017 she gave me a set of twins, my beautiful daughters Natalie and Audrey. They are my world, they give me so much joy, whenever I look into their eyes, I have hopes for a better future. Looking back at those dark years of my life, Im so thankful for how far Ive come. For those of you who have had similar or even worst experiences, I implore you to hold on, dont give up, be tough, be relentless and keep faith in the Almighty God. Theres always light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Holidays everyone. Cheers.

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  1. Truly inspiring

  2. Thanks Drew. Great story

  3. Is this story about you? I had a similar experience.

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