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Que Sera Sera

By – Jamylah Yusuf

Que Sera Sera

Aunty Grace has sent out more CVs than the sales of some newspaper outlets. You are joking right? Biola replied. Of course I am not. Aunty Grace graduated University since I was in jss1 and this is my first year in the university. That makes it 7 futile years of job search. Sometimes I fear for myself also. I don’t want to spend 4 whole years of my life obtaining a degree only to graduate and not find a job. God forbid, Replied Biola, tapping her middle finger against her thumb.

Please lets complete our assignments and return to the hostel. We have been here for the past 1 hour worrying over what isn’t here yet Chioma said to Larai and Biola . Most people don’t even look for jobs this days, they graduate and create jobs for themselves. If I would end up being a business woman, then what business do I have studying chemistry in the university Biola countered. I am just saying. Besides we are only in our first year, we do not have any result yet so why are we even worried about getting a job or not now. Lets just work hard and obtain very good results. we should also acquire a skill or two so we are prepared when the future comes.

The music was so loud that both ladies could hardly hear each other despite shouting at the top of their voices. They were attending the evening party of their friend’s wedding. Becky and Jane have been discussing their friends marriage and the fears they nursed. He took her to the altar just 6 months after they met. That’s too soon said Jane with sincere worries evident in her voice . I just feel they are so blinded by the love and attraction between them that they cant reason like any other person and you know Bisi has reservations regarding premarital sex that is probably why they rushed into getting married. What will happen when this strong haze of love and attraction starts to clear off as the years go by and everyone starts to unveil their true colour. I really hope they don’t ever have to get divorced because there is so much they don’t know about each other. Well, we can keep praying for them and wishing them well. Right now let’s focus on how their love is almost infectious and how happy they look before people will say we are ‘bad belle’ ; Becky said with a short laugh. The future will take care of itself.

Biola, Larai, Becky and Jane are representatives of most of us. We worry so much about what the future holds that it stops us focusing on the present. The present slides away and we do not even realise it while we worry about the future that isn’t here. A friend once asked me if i had any control over what would happen tomorrow and i said No. Then he replied, So why worry?. I am not trying to say we shouldn’t plan for the future or prepare for it. What I am saying is, we should think less of the thousand and one possible things that may go wrong in the future. We should do what we have to do today and be optimistic that if tomorrow eventually comes, everything will be just fine.

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  1. Mylah you write beautifully. Keep it up

  2. Mylah you write beautifully. Keep it up

  3. Well written my dear. Keep writing. You will do well

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