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Puff Puff Pass

By – Linda Ibeh

Are ya’ll loving this harmattan? I fell ill the first day it made it’s come back but I love it! This is way better than the heat

It is common to use the term “small world”. I don’t think we fully comprehend how true it is until it manifests in our lives or we experience something that unshakably affirms that it’s indeed a small world. Notwithstanding the differences in countries and the contrast in cultures and traditions. We all end up meeting our match

Wondering why that dope title? Well here goes.

I was chatting with a friend of mine whose uncle sells cars and he was asked to deliver a man’s car to him. On getting there he discovered the man was buying the car for a “small girl” and as if that wasn’t enough the man received a call from his wife whom he proceeds to tell that he was still in Asaba(not Lagos) for the Office occasion. My friend was so angry especially because another single guy will end up marrying the “small girl”.

It’s a vicious cycle that cannot be stopped by anything. In a way, we are all “okrika” but it doesn’t at all mean we are damaged or rejected or anything of the sort, no. Rather, a collector will find one piece and will do everything in their power to keep it. It just wasn’t the other person’s “spec”.


Amanda falls in love with Idowu when they are both 19. Idowu is mad about her and they invest months or years, resources and time into the relationship and then at 22. Amanda’s friends are all getting into the marriage van, constantly talking about it, showing off rings and other fashionables and the fever catches on. Idowu starts seeming like a less likely candidate because obviously he isn’t ready for marriage neither does he have the resources and Amanda starts becoming distant.

Somewhere else, a 32 year old man has just dumped his 28 year old girlfriend because he “is ready to settle down” and he is searching for a 20-22 year old “fresh blood” to wed. He has played with girls the way he wants to and has decided he is tired and needs to start having children so he asks his friends to be on the lookout for him. He starts attending all weddings he is invited to and starts going to see a sister or cousin who is still in school. Somewhere along the line, he meets a sad Amanda who comes alive under his “kind” eyes and is everything she thinks she ever wanted.

A young woman in a corner has cried her eyes out over being dumped by her boyfriend of 7 years! She swears she will never put herself in that kind of situation ever again. She wouldn’t be vulnerable to another man. She would face her life and nobody would know her real age.

In another area, Idowu has sworn off women and true love. He hustles till he makes considerable money then he starts changing girls like shirts, buying them anything they asked for in return for their love. All the while, at least 60% think he is their life partner and get disappointed and heartbroken each time they fall out.  Then he meets the magical, well put together Young lady. She is at least 2 years his junior even though in actuality she is older than he is. Her mystery draws him close to her and begins to feel his resolve to be a player fade as she gentle swirls her magic over him. Few months down the line he is on his knees proposing and bam! There’s a wedding.

All parties good abi? But sometimes, earth presents us with twists! Amanda and the 28 year old may be related..then what?

In this way, the cycle continues rolling, viciously, unstoppable.

Whatever you do, remember that a circle goes round and whatever you do at one point with come back full circle.

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  1. Beautiful title! Can I steal?? Or borrow? Lol

  2. It is a pretty vicious cycle! Finally this link opened! Phew

  3. Hamper madam. You have “chop” alone o. Anyway nice write up,careful of typos though

  4. People don’t usually believe till it happens to them. Everything goes round

  5. Its a Hard knock life. The koko is to not put all of ones eggs in one basket.especially for girls

  6. Good one sis. Always fun reading you

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