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The Proposal; The Best Ways To Get Her To Say YES!

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh


Hello beautiful efikos, last week I came by this interesting post about a guy who fake’s his own death in a car crash in the most bizarre wedding proposal ever. Now after lying lifeless for a while allowing his lady to panic he suddenly leaps to his feet, takes a knee and pops the question. That was quite extreme but luckily for him, she said “yes” coincidentally a friend asked me for creative ideas on how he can propose to his longtime girlfriend and blow her mind with the proposal, so it got me thinking.


We contemplated several ideas that dint play well in my head so I went online to see suggestions on creative and amazing romantic proposals. My people, no be small thing oh! Most of the things I see na beta set up! And them go make you feel like say you no dey try (I’m just saying) imagine paying a pilot to fly across the sky with a banner and her name with the inscription “will you marry me?” or taking her on a trip to Paris to propose by the Eiffel tower. Anyway I came across some brilliant ideas on pintrest.


Choose a favorite place; monument or a national park

It has to be iconic and romantic, the important thing is to make it as memorable as possible, find a suitable spot and pop the question.

Arrange a surprise proposal with a street artist; have an artist sketch a photo of you two with word bubbles that say; “will you marry me? and you will definitely get a “yes” (seems like too much trouble for me but I guess it will suffice).

proposal-4Send your unsuspecting fiancé to be on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Start with a clue at home that leads to your favorite spots all over the town.

Go out for a night of dancing and ask the DJ or the band leader to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song and propose on the dance floor. (this is a classic move but it never gets old though).

Plan a romantic destination getaway for two; when you’re alone take a knee at a dramatic moment and pop the question.

You can spell your proposal out in glow on the dark star stickers on your ceiling, tuck her into bed and turn off the lights.


Of course you can slip the ring on her fingers while your soon to be fiancé is sleeping and do a romantic morning wakeup call with breakfast in bed.

So there are lots of wild creative ideas to explore even if you are on a tight budget you can still make it a memorable day for her, you might want to consider the following options, but for you to score you need to understand the following rules; First, always have the element of surprise. It’s always more interesting and romantic when she least’s expects it. Secondly, get you A game on, be confident, smooth, and original; you don’t need to overdo it. Lay off stale ideas like planting a ring in her ice cream (you might get her killed or end up in the accident emergency unit if you are lucky).


#you can never go wrong on the beach

Be romantic, let her have fun then find a convenient time to pop the question, let the beach set the mood and the tone, trust me, you’ll feel it when the moment comes.

#Don’t be afraid to go all out! Find something to thrill her and take her some place she has never been that would really excite her, find an iconic spot and don’t forget to take a photographer who can artfully take pictures of the moments from a distance before posing for the camera.

proposal-7I always subscribe to private moments alone; I mean just in case she says “NO” but if you are a gambler and certain she loves you, you might as well go for it. Now if she’s close to her friends and family, let her know you are will to let them be part of your lives by inviting them for a surprise party where you can take a knee and pop the question and while you don’t want to come on to her too strong leave no room for a “No” answer.

proposal-8Finally, who says it has to be the guy to propose? My dad is willing to give me out to any lady who is interested so to all the beautiful ladies out there feel free and to my lovely efikos, see you next week.

proposal-9Photo Credits: Google Images, Pintrest, Cranston Photography, Natalie Franke, Lenoche

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  1. Wow…..nice concepts……can wait for tym to cum

  2. Nigga, my dad has been willing forever. Let’s see dem chicks with the guts though. But I think having her wake up to a ring on her finger with rose petals all around wins it. Now in an alternate universe, dude wakes up to a ring on his finger, his favourite music coming from his favourite sound system, a brand new X-box waiting for him and a sizeable amount of his favourite meals; I’m saying “yes” nigga…

  3. Lol Drew, Oya ready ma take u go asaya camp for d grand proposal

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