By – Okeke Nkorika


Pride simply means a deep feeling of pleasure or satisfaction as a result of a personal achievement, achievement of a close relation or the possession of a quality that is so much admired by many. It is a state of being fully conscious of one’s dignity. Personally, I call it a carriage for mannerism.

Permit me to say that pride is not a “sin”. A deep feeling, something that comes from within, an emotion that is pride. A man with pride is a man that is conscious of who he is, where he is coming from and very certain of his destination. Pride reminds you that you are different. A man without the knowledge of what he has achieved and what qualities he possesses has no pride. Joseph in the Bible had pride. He was satisfied with who he was and so conscious of who he is despite circumstances, hence refused to compromise, likewise the three Hebrew boys, Daniel, Paul and the rest of them in the scriptures. These are men that knew the stuff they were made of and would never compromise hence they set standards. Men of pride are known for their boundaries, they don’t cross neither do they allow others do. Pride is a wonderful thing, little wonder people name their loved ones ‘my pride. As beautiful as it may seem, it becomes dangerous and deadly when it goes into action.

Pride is a noun hence a thing, when it is in its state of inertia, it is so adorable and glorious but once it is allowed to move from within which is the supposed residence, the reserve becomes the case. Proud is the action word for pride. The Bible say “God opposes the proud”. When emotions begins to control a mans insanity occurs. The popular saying that pride ‘goes’ before a fall is a clear explanation for the kinetic energy of pride. When pride begins to ‘go’ it causes the individual to think that only him or her is in existence, it shows you how far you have gone and points to you that you are like no other.

When pride begins to go, it drags so many things along with it which includes arrogance, malice, slander, lies and finally a great fall. No wonder it goes before a fall….A man can go proud at any time for any reason. King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible woke up one-day and begins to feel he has accomplished much. This is one major reason of the kinetic motion of pride.

A single thought of having accomplished much can paint the beautiful nature of pride black. Now I understand why Paul said and I quote “brothers I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do forgetting what lies behind and pressing forward ….” So he continues to work to do more exploit. The feeling of monopoly can cause pride to go. When we think we are the only one. When we think there is no other, pride begin to erupt into action that are irrelevant. Finally, living on past glories can make one proud. A situation when the present errors and downfall does not matter again but past achievement and successes, such individual begins to live an ‘after all ‘ life.

Pride brings out the true beauty of an individual but when put into action causes a man to loss his dignity, respect and honor. It gradually destroys a man as a leaven that leavens the whole lump. It paints a picture of who you are not no matter what you think you have achieved. And gradually, how the mighty has fallen!

Let us therefore make proper application of pride so it can bring out the good in us and mold us into the true image of who we really are.

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