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Physical Fitness

By – JamylahYusuf


Hello Readers. I hope the year is starting off on a good foot for you. Lets talk about physical fitness this week. Regardless of if you are a team fit-fam or not, this article would be of benefit to you especially if you are a student or a young worker who has so many responsibilities and very little time.

So what is physical fitness? It is a state of health and well-being (Wikipedia). So how do you keep fit despite the crazy schedule? You would want to keep in mind that a healthy body and mind works efficiently than otherwise, the more reason, your physical as well as mental illness should have a pot on your busy schedule. Diet, and sleep pattern are top on the list of things to consider when you intend to go fit. Eat breakfast; this is our first meal of the day. Eat properly and healthy. Most times, because you are trying to beat time, catch a bus or get into class before your teacher does, or to work before your boss, you just gulp down half cup of tea or just any handy snack and thats your breakfast. This is harmful if you ask me. This is because, you are not sure how long you would be out for and what time it would be when you get free again to grab a decent meal. Learn proper portion size. Do not eat until it becomes difficult to stand up from where you ate. Dont fight stress by eating. Yes, dont form the habit of eating away your sorrows. That would be over feeding which may cause even bigger problems. Try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Replace most of your junk snacks with fruits. Eat right. It doesnt have to be an expensive kind of eating but make sure your meal comprises of healthy food that gives you a balanced nutritional value. For instance, if you are eating rice which is carbohydrate, if you cant afford fish or meat as protein, beans is a cheaper option. Give yourself a little treat once in a while. If you have a problem eating right or developing a healthy eating pattern as a result of some eating disorder, seek help.

Inculcate the habit of exercising no matter how little. What is most important is consistency. Remember its the little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean. You could play a sport, do simple acrobatics, take a fitness course, take extra walks. Most importantly, make it fun while you are at it.

Sleep is so important that God in his wisdom made our days consist of the mornings and the nights. It is by no accident that at night, everything is dark and put to rest. The same thing should apply to humans. No matter how much work you have to do, or how little time you have till your deadline date, spare a few hours of the night to rest. If for whatever reason it is impossible you sleep at night, make time during the day. Take a few short naps during the day, they would go a long way in ensuring your fitness. Most importantly, manage your time effectively. That way, you are able to make time for your physical fitness

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  1. Team fit fam all the way!. Well done mylah.

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