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Out Grow Your Pain

By – Suleiman Murkthar


Staring back at our lives, it is rather pertinent and rudimentary to comprehend the hardship that comes with the sun, the difficult of a day, the days of the past, the mistakes that are attached to our burning naivet. We are all together humans, little fragments of the big iceberg that is the world. We together as standalone entity complete one another.

I will tell you about me. About my mistakes about the days the sun shines not, the days when darkness overshadows my lights, mistakes, my pain and bane. I will tell you about the nights I have cried, the nights I stayed awake, the days I tried. I will tell you about where in my shoes pricks the most, the hurts and discomfort, the bending pose. I will tell you of it all, all of my past hurt but, in the end that is all they are; past hurt.

There is a new chime of ringing whispers that comes with failure, we learn, we try and fall but we learn, for failure is just another lesson that hurts. The face of failure is in many forms, it comes in smiles and growls, it comes in tears and laughs, in the guise of the fine lady and the well-dressed guy or our children and parents and friends. We find failures in almost all of what we do, or at least that is how we see it. Life in its own right is an accumulation of overtime errs. The mistakes of Jibril in some way has amounted to the success of James who in turns helps Jibrils son to make Jibrils life better.

To fail is not always about not getting what you want, sometimes it goes beyond. It is the voice that tells you to stay down, the voice that whispers to you that down in the ground is as comfortable as it gets, the voice that in its infinite hush hush, lies truthfully to you. And then you give in, you stay never to move, never to become what is becoming. You become one with the dirt, a statue of mud and clay and soil, and is all you are remembered for.

My father once said that, success can also be amounted to failure. A man who has never been a part of another mans success has also failed, he had failed to become a man with the growth of humanity, a man to contribute its bricks to the building blocks of life.

So today, another dawn comes forth, a new sun, a new rain and maybe a new pain and some laughs and cries that waits the days ahead. Life begins again, and as the chirping sweetness of the morning birds sings through your window pane, tell the voice that whisper to you to SHUT UP! Tell it of what greatness that you are, of what is built in you. Stand today and make a mans life better, hand out a change, smile to your neighbor, talk boldly and smile fiercely, tell your reflections that as the years roll by and the months and times count, and that all that hurts in the past are only but in the past, that you will let them go, learn from those mistakes, make a thousand mistakes more. Cry when you are hurt and laugh when you are happy. Forget the past and look to the many tomorrows ahead, in the end, a little hope never killed anyone.

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