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Nurturing Creativity

By – Blessing Ijama

Creativity is one of the highest form of human expression hence it has to be nurtured early. Creativity is a very important skill without which the society would remain stagnant. The benefits of nurturing creativity among individuals in the society cannot be overemphasized as it is the pivotal point of growth and development in the society.

Creativity comes in different forms, some are born with it, an innate ability when properly nurtured mature over time. On the other hand if left without any conscious effort to nurture may eventually die or remain mediocre. It can also be acquired through persistent commitment to learning. In essence everybody can be creative. Its not limited to geeks or nerds although the level of creativity you can access depends on the level of commitment to it. I have seen a physicists who is a dedicated reader of all literary works and he has  written a few piece himself.

Certain factors are responsible for the creativity of individuals they include but are not limited to;  the environment, genetics and most times personal interests. This is where passion comes  in. The more passionate you are about a thing, the more you are ready to give your best into that thing. I have seen a boy who has never gone to art school draw much more better than so called artists. I was so impressed with his work I had to ask him how he was able to develop such an articulate skill. His reply was life changing for me. He said he knew he could draw well even before he knew himself meaning it was an innate ability but according to him he didn’t let it  stop there.  He studies other peoples works and develop his own style. Therefore he is a self taught artist who has developed himself through consistent practice which makes him better each time. He goes online to study new trends in artistic drawing. The fact that he was born with  the  innate ability didn’t  make him stop there he took the extra step to develop his talent that is what nurturing creativity is all about.

I have seen people who could sing very well end up been the local champion in the church choir . They make no attempt to grow beyond that. They have never attended music concerts or even tried to study music on their own. They are contented with being the lead singer in the church. No conscious attempt to enter themselves in any music competition. Creativity can never be nurtured in such an atmosphere.

This brings us to the vital question of the day,  how can creativity be nurtured. One of the vital ways of nurturing creativity is to be always prepared to take the extra step . Creativity goes  beyond mere  curiosity. It involves study. You should be ready to go beyond your comfort zone. You should  be ready to explore and experience things outside your expertise. Take interests in fields other than yours. Do not be bottled up in your own world, be free,  make new friends,  travel, interact with people, learn from everything you come across. Only then will your creativity blossom forth.

Remember people are not remembered for the food they ate neither the kind of clothes they wore people are remembered for the imprints they make on the sands of time. What will you be remembered for, will you let your creative works speak For you after you have gone or will you just let your creativity die without impacting people with it. The choice is yours to make.

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