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Novel – Ember

By – Jamylah Yusuf


Hello Everyone, Happy New Month to you all. How time flies right? . It seems like January was only yesterday and boom!, November is here already. The past few 10 months must have been eventful for some people while for some other people, It feels like they were just rooted to one corner of the world while they watched seconds turn to minutes, minutes into hours, then days, weeks, months and the realisation just hit them that Hey! Its 60 days left till another year. Now regardless of which of this groups you fall into, good news is there is about 60 days left. Bad news is, worrying only makes you sad so just stop already. Fact is, we cant all have it easy. Some people got a job in the last ten months, some other people lost a job. Some got married, others lost a spouse, some welcomed a child, others buried children. Some got promoted, others got dismissed. This is just the cycle of life. It keeps moving and as long as we are alive, we must move along with it by whatever means. If we have to crawl, walk, run or even fly. As life moves, we move too.

Do not sulk over your performance generally in the past 10 months or even years of your life. You missed an interview, you lost a job, failed an examination, didn’t get the promotion you wanted or whatever.

Don’t fret over it. Don’t!!. You have 60 days to make a move 60 days to achieve something else. To start something great. You’re alive and that’s what matters most. You can still do something however insignificant it may seem to be. The most important thing you need to make sure of is you are not in the same place you were yesterday unless if of course, you are bed ridden. Do not feel intimated by the progress or achievement of anybody.

Just Up your game, put in extra effort, take up that challenge, dare yourself. Come out of your shell. It is not impossible to achieve what could not be achieved in 10 months, in two months all you need is the will power, determination and of course action. Start acting. Just start. There’s never a right time or place. If you really want something, you start making efforts to achieve it. However, and Whenever.

The only thing that is stopping you from making your dreams turn to reality is your unwillingness to act. Once you start acting, you are steps closer to your reality and away from your dreams. Do not let fear or whatever it is stop you from making the best of the two months of 2017 that is left. Set a target, work tirelessly to meet your target and if by December you do not, dont beat yourself over it. At least, you made efforts and that is very important. Close your ears to naysayers and every other thing that stopped you from taking a step in the past 10 months. Use what is left of the year wisely. Don’t go around setting impossible goals for yourself, you would only get disappointed. Set for yourselves achievable goals regardless of the difficulties in achieving them. Work towards them like you would work if you had a deadline to meet. Do not forget to stay positive all through because worry only makes you sad. It doesn’t change a thing.

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  1. Well written my dear. May Allah increase you in wisdom.

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