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We Are No Different From Sex Dolls

By – Lois Peters

sex doll

You see, most of the things we believe and the inhibitions we feel in our minds were thoughts that were programmed into us from our primal stages of life. We have all been subjected to different forms of conditioning. Let me shock you further, even the very things you believe today are a product of a high level mind conditioning.

Have you noticed that there are some things you cant even trace how you came to believe them? Yet for some reason, they are your truest convictions. Cant you see that you are no different from a Machine, programmed with thoughts, experiences and feelings.kinda like the sex dolland yes, I know the title got to you but just stick around a little longer and get the gist.


There are three (3) types of conditioning we have been subjected to;

  • Conditioning from our environment: This includes the people we mix with, the people we work with and the people we socialize with. People naturally conform to their environment, little wonder it is said that if you mix, meet and talk with millionaires, it will greatly increase your chance at becoming one. The same reason we do not allow our children to join bad company, because we know that if they do, theyll conform to the behavior of the group. Same can be said for adults.
  • We are conditioned by our Childhood: A father who refuses his child to join him in an exercise by saying no and using all negative gimmicks just to get the child to refrain from an act. Ten years down the line, when the teenager has a natural predilection or disposition to that same thing, the father frowns and wonders why hes incapable of carrying out that same task. He forgets that he has been conditioned by him (the father) to not engage in such activities.
  • We are conditioned by previous adult experience: imagine the brain a storage area, which means that whatever you put into it, you in turn, will get back out. If you feed into it failure experiences, I cants, that is the exact same reaction you will pull out. Vice versa.


Now I know that most of you reading this post might experience a rude reawakening to see that indeed most of what we have held dear in terms of beliefs and convictions or even personality traits might all along been programmeda mere product of an internal wiring. A cluster of mixed feelings might run through you; anger, hate, regret, doubt or any other but the truth is, all hope aint lost. The same means by which you were programmed and conditioned, is the very same means you can re-program and re-condition yourself.

  • Start with changing your environment. That is the people you mix with, talk with and socialize with. This is why it is said, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. You can never live above the relationships youve bound yourself to. If you want a different experience, then maybe its time to change your friends!
  • Renew your mind! This is not me trying to be religious; it is simply me trying to communicate to you a principle that undergirds your life experience. The truth is, you cant do anything about the past, your parents raised you the best way they thought possible. They only way you can salvage yourself from the shackles of the limiting ideologies and thought patterns that you have been wired with, is to re-wire your mind with a new set of knowledge so that you experience can pattern itself aright. Simply put, engage in the process of changing your mindset, because a change in mindset is a prerequisite for a change in your experience.
  • Same goes for the experiences of your adult experiences. Re-program them, fixate your thoughts on positive things. Starve the negative thoughts by saturating your mind with beautiful thoughts that make for a healthy lifestyle, only then will you see your experience on the outside, mirror the exact same thoughts you inhabit on your inside. Cause at the end of the day, your thoughts are the seeds that germinate and bear fruit into the experiences you face today!


Having a hard time getting these done?

Just holla at your girl!

To your success, I take a bow!

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